Speak Out 11/20/09

Friday, November 20, 2009

*** Morning speeding

CAPE Girardeau police should be stationed at the foot of the bridge as you come into town about 4:30 every morning. When I come to work, it's a hot race all the way through Illinois to get to Cape Girardeau. People pass me up doing 65 mph or more, and that continues all the way across the bridge. I think it would be good idea to put a stop to it.

*** Vaccine success

I don't think the H1N1 flu vaccine was mismanaged. It was made available in the local community. We don't need to be as panicked as we might have been led to believe. So far, so good. Don't be an alarmist.

*** The real problem

U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson says Congress should take on the big drug companies. I disagree. Congress should take on big government. It is Emerson's Congress that has given us a $1 trillion deficit, and it is Emerson's Congress that has given us a $10 trillion debt. The drug companies are not the problem. Big government is.

*** Afraid of trial

WHY is the Republican Party so afraid of having a trial in the United States for the 9/11 terrorists? Is it because they fear all the illegal acts the Bush/Cheney administration committed will become known?

*** Look at students

I graduated from a public high school last year. Failure in public schools cannot just be blamed specifically on the parents, teachers, principals or students. When I was a student I had a lot of failure in my classes, not because of the teachers or my parents. It was because I was too worried about my friends and having fun doing drugs and going to parties. A lot of students are smoking joints before class and putting alcohol in their soda cups at school. A lot of students feel the same as I did. Teachers constantly try to help students, so stop blaming them. Some parents try to help their children as well. In reality, the only ones who can succeed in our public schools are the students. Parents, don't sit around blaming somebody else when your child is the one not taking the time to succeed.

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