Letter to the Editor

Keep Bloomfield Road scenic, safe

Dear Bloomfield Road (County Road 205) neighbors and any of you who enjoy this scenic drive: Here are a few questions to consider before deciding to support or not support the widening of this road.

Have you ever driven on a wide road that the drivers did not go faster in their cars than on a narrow road?

Do you honestly think a wider road will prevent accidents?

Could it be the careless speed drivers of these cars use ignoring the road conditions?

Have you thought about what will happen to the trees that line this road and make it a scenic drive?

Do you wish to have a naked roadside that will become a speedway?

Won't you have more trouble exiting and entering your street or drive via this speedway?

Please do not support the widening of this road into just another highway used by people in a hurry, and do keep it a scenic drive.

JEANETTE and ANDY JUDEN, Cape Girardeau