Speak Out 11/19/09

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trash spending

THE city is spending over $2 million for new trash trucks and new garbage cans when it already has trucks and everyone in town has their own cans. I have two garbage cans that I have not used for years because they are too hard to handle. I am 85 with a steep driveway. I put my garbage in bags to take the the curb. I do the same with plastic and paper.

New economy

INDICATORS reveal that our economy is going through severe trauma and will remain in this condition for several more years. As a solid solution to this problem, why cannot we start a subeconomy involving those who are currently unemployed? A microcosm of a larger economy could be copied. A government-funded financial institution could lend money to small business entrepreneurs as well as individuals to invest strictly to produce goods and services to be consumed by only those in the program. People could move to the city, use public transportation, low-cost housing and so on. The type of goods to produce at first would be only needs of the people such as shoes, clothing and canned food. After all get on their feet, then the wants of the people could be satisfied. In time, a gradual transition to the world economy could be realized by these folks.

More doctors?

I would like to make a comment about the health care bill. If there are going to be 50 million new people covered, where are the doctors? I was in combat, and if someone told me there were going to be more soldiers, I'd want to know where the commanders are

Inappropriate photo

ON the front page you have a picture of the Veterans Day celebration at Capaha Park. The picture is turned sideways. I do not like that. I don't think there's enough patriotism in our country anymore, and I think it's awful to turn the Statue of Liberty and the flag at half staff sideways on the front page of the paper.

Country shelter

IN my opinion, we need a homeless shelter but not on Broadway in the downtown area. We need one out in the country where people can grow vegetables and sell them and eat them. I have never heard a good thing about a homeless shelter. I do not own any property in this area. That's my opinion.

Recycling waste

YOU mean to say that after all these years that I've separated my recyclables, now we're going to put them all in one container? What a waste of money and time.

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