Speak Out 11/10/09

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unborn protection

IT truly is a tragic loss for a family to lose a mother, son and unborn child. For mothers who chose abortion, how can it not be murder also? For doctors who performed partial-birth abortions, how can this not be murder? Think of the methods used to perform these abortions and ask yourself who chose the most violent measures to end a life of an unborn child. It obviously isn't the man with a gun in his hand.

Network breakdown

WILL the Southeast Missouri State University network ever be dependable? Southeast touts the vast number of online courses offered, but it can't seem to adequately provide the services to support them. The network is down 90 percent of the time. The student portal has been broken most of the semester. Tell me again why Southeast is charging online students an additional Web course fee? Instead of surcharges, Southeast should be waiving fees and refunding tuition. Southeast is hindering my education with the lack of a dependable network. That new community college in Cape Girardeau is looking better by the minute.

We'll remember

TO the representatives who voted to pass the health bill: You can believe we will remember you the next time we vote. Don't say you weren't warned.

Echo bubble

WHAT we are experiencing on Wall Street (a surge in the market) is known as an echo bubble. It is a secondary boom that will likely, like the first one, crash sometime in the near future with the Dow dropping to around 7000.

Can't wait

I'M so excited that Congress is delivering on promises of health care reform. It is about time these legislators did something to earn their pay. In fact, they should get a pay raise for voting on a 2,000-page bill. That's hard work. I'm sure my company's insurer will lower our premiums as soon as the final bill is passed. I hope Congress tackles my out-of-control mortgage. After buying three new 40-inch plasma TVs, I can barely afford to feed my kids.

Automated trash

THIS is about the smartest use of tax dollars in a long while. What is wrong with saving some tax dollars?

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