Family Dining In Piedmont, Mo.

Monday, November 9, 2009

In Piedmont, Missouri, a small Southeastern Town, you will find many things to do and see. In the summer months, there is Fishing, Camping, Hiking trails, Horseback riding, Float trips and much more. In the fall, there are festivals, music and of course, some of the very best hunting in the state. There are also the beautiful fall colors displayed in such a wonderful way as to attribute them to the "water coloring of God's own hand." Clearwater Lake is a big attraction, and has been for many years. It draws hundreds of families for fishing, boating and camping. Piedmont has the Fall Festival every year that has consistently grown each year. With the number of families that visit Piedmont, there has been a growth in Restaurants to accommodate these families also. We have seen new restaurants come to life in the last couple of years. As a retired chef and someone that has spent more time in the restaurant than out, I have always liked to visit them. I have cooked for people most of my life, a trait; I inherited from my grandmother, and still enjoy it to day. My customers today are my family and grandkids. In addition, the occasional dinner party. I do get calls now and then to cater a function of one kind or another. There is a joy in cooking for some one and sharing as they express through their mouthful of "Yums", that you have "Done it again." Having spent time in the restaurants in Piedmont and the area that surrounds us, I thought it would be nice to mention them and give them a "pat on the back", if you will.

Many establishments in Piedmont offer fine family dinning. For those that are looking for a place to take the kids and enjoy a "home cooked" meal we have "Aunt B's"

They offer homemade pies and some of the friendliest servers in town. You will always leave with your bellyful and your hearts warm. My family and I have been here many times and always leave with a smile, and some great homemade desserts! There is also the Zephyr café that has been in town for longer than most. It is conveniently located next to the newly remodeled Stone Crest Motel. We also have McDonalds for the kids and the parents looking to relax with a great cup of coffee! They offer amenities that you find at all McDonalds. It is a great place to visit and sit leisurely and enjoy the "talk of the town." Close to McDonalds is Sonic. With their "curb side" service, many find it convenient and you will find the service there friendly and the food nice and hot. In the summer months, it is a great place to get a cool drink. For those that like life a little, (or a lot) more spicy, Try Tequilas on Highway 34 as you come into Piedmont. Considered one of the best, it offers genuine Mexican and Tex-Mex fare. For those that like, they serve the best margaritas and offer a full line of beers (domestic and import) and other wines and spirits. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere will please you. Hurrying will not be on your mind so think, "Siesta" when visiting "Tequilas."

For those visiting Clearwater Lake, there is Clearwater Café. It is open only seasonally, but do not pass up the friendly people and the great food. The owner, Jim Wohlschlaeger, his family and staff are an experience that the whole family will remember. The food is exemplary and made with care. The atmosphere is relaxed and always great conversation.

Because of the location next to Clearwater Lake, you can relax, sit back, and visit awhile, and at the same time listen and share your fishing stories about the "one that got away." Jim also has a bait shop and store for all your camping and fishing needs.

For those that like to sit , have a beer or maybe play a game of pool while enjoying some of the best, and I quote, "burgers, fries, chicken wings and good food and fun," There is "Spring Valley Resort." Owner Steve offers friendly fun in a stress free environment. He stated that, "I love to cook and I take the time to visit every table to make sure everything is satisfactory for my customers."

I have been there many times and always have a great experience and leave feeling as if I left the home of a friend. On the weekends, you may find live music and dancing. There is also live "music under the stars" at certain times in the summer.

In town, located by Wal-Mart on 34 and HH, you will find Gooch's Restaurant. Laid back and comfortable, they offer everything from breakfast, to dinner. If you enjoy a "designer" cup of coffee or a Latte, you will be well pleased. They also have a full line of refreshments, including smoothies and ice creams. For those that ride on two wheels, you will find the place accommodating and welcoming. (Keep it between the lines!)

There is a new place that has promise. It is Big Papa's. Great place to just sit back and enjoy just let life drift by and enjoy some great food. Everything from Sandwiches,(I hear the pulled Pork is awesome!!!) Full Line of sides, including Loaded Backed Potato. And you can also request chicken or pork with them!! They have a dine in and carry out. There is a Delivery service that is in the works, so get ready to pick up that phone!! Be sure to check back as my family and I visit more establishments in and AROUND Piedmont

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