Are we still a "Representative Republic?"

Thursday, November 5, 2009
These citizens who were snubbed by Claire McCaskill's Cape Office staff are typical of the millions of citizens that Claire McCaskill, The National Democrat Party, and the national news media controlled by democrats have slandered and defamed as a 'dangerous mob.'

Open Letter to:

Senator Claire McCaskill

Federal Building

555 Independence Room 1600

Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63703

Our constitution says we are a representative republic, to be governed by 'We, The People.' But, what do we do when the Senator elected to represent "We, The People" slanders us, ignores us, impugns us, misinforms us, deceives us, and hides from "We, The Tax Paying People" she has sworn to represent and protect? On Thursday November 5, 2009, a group of a approximately 40 or 50 people out of their own volition, expense, and passion decided to pay a visit to Senator Claire McCaskill's District office in Cape Girardeau, MO. Nobody is paying us a dime for anything. We have no well tax funded 'special class' status, with union money or diverted tax money paying our expenses or providing us free transportation. We are just normal every day common citizens who obey the laws, work and pay our taxes. The first insult was when a Security Policeman approached us while we were gathered outside on the steps of the Federal Building waiting on some other like-minded LEGAL TAX PAYING CITIZENS to make their way from the parking lot to join us and go in to Claire McCaskill's office inside the Federal Building, Room 1600. The Policeman introduced himself, and said, "so you're really going to do this, huh?" And I said do what? He said "you can't do this on Federal Property?" We asked him, "who pays for Federal Property." No Reply. So, I said, "look, I can understand you may not want any signs inside the building, but we are here to deliver individual messages to Claire McCaskill about the HealthCare Bill. I don't think there is a law that can prevent me from visiting my Senator who is supposed to represent me." Then he said, "Well, there are a lot of people already in her office." I said, "Well, that's why we're here, we'll join them." With that he said, "wait right here." Those with signs returned their signs to their vehicles. After waiting several minutes, I said, "there's no law against our entering a Federal Building that we help pay for with our TAX DOLLARS!" So, we proceeded in and became bottlenecked trying to get through the airport type routine of ultra tight security removing belts, cell phones, watches, scanning, etc. I could see the same Policeman/Security Officer on the other side talking on his radio to someone while the painstaking process held us up for what seemed like an hour. He never returned to say anything to me. Some of us had to return our fingernail clippers and our pen knives to our vehicles. A long walk from where we were. After about 20 or 30 minutes of this sheep shearing we finally got through security, only to be told at that juncture, "well it seems Senator McCaskill has given her staff the day off." No one is in her office?? The door was locked, and that's the only thing we could verify. About half of our number dispersed and went home. But about half of us were too livid to just give in. Were they really (off) when the policeman/security guard was telling me 30 minutes earlier to get off Federal Property, and to wait here?? Or, did they just mysteriously become "off" after we tax-paying citizens persisted and refused to leave but made our way into the inner sanctum? What's the truth here? Either Senator McCaskill's staff got instructions from the senator to close up shop, and sneak away; or Senator McCaskill's staff took it upon themselves to close up shop and sneak away; or, Senator McCaskill having heard about the possibility of district office visits today by constituents opposed to the HealthCare debacle was advised by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid or just decided on her own to shut down district offices and give her ENTIRE staff the day off in the middle of the week; Or, some combination of all that. At any rate, if the whole staff office was off that day, why wouldn't that have been the first thing told us by the Policeman/Security Guard who told us instead to remove ourselves from Federal Property? I leave that up to you to decide. But no matter how you explain it, the clear message driven home to us is that the law abiding tax-paying citizens are now treated worse than illegal aliens, by democrat district office personal and their Senator, if they oppose the Radical National Democrat Agenda of Federalizing/Nationalizing/Socializing America's free market based economy. And, illegal aliens are treated liked preferred citizens by liberal, progressive, socializing democrats. Since I couldn't tell McCaskill's office staff what I came to say, then I will tell the public what I came to tell the McCaskill district office staff. CLAIRE MCCASKILL, YOU LIE! Earlier this year, you traveled the State of Missouri telling us we were wrong when we said the health-care legislation that YOU (MCCASKILL) Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are pushing contains tax funded provisions for abortions. Well now we all know that YOU LIED, it's in the bill. You LIED when you said the healthcare plan YOU (MCCASKILL) Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are foisting upon this nation does not have 'Bureaucratic authoritarian boards/panels that will make life and death decisions and guidelines on who, if, what, and how much treatment a patient will receive. You LIED when you said the healthcare plan YOU (MCCASKILL) Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are ramming down the throat of this nation could not be exploited by ILLEGAL ALIENS (also known as undocumented democrat voters) YOU LIED, ignored, and misrepresented about all the concerns we've tried to express to you...then you accused us of being ignorant and "misinformed." NO, MS. MCCASKILL! It is YOU (McCaskill) Pelosi, Reid, and Obama that are the misinformation dispensers along with your democrat dominated news media and your other democrat cohorts in congress who are scheming through Government regulations, mandates, and taxation to take over the entire healthcare system of the United States. YOU LIED (MCCASKILL) Pelosi, Reid, and Obama when you said this bill would be revenue neutral without taking away our present insurance, without increasing total healthcare and health insurance costs, and without rationing our health care choices, and services. Therefore, let it be known to all that is why WE OPPOSE YOU IN THE STRONGEST TERMS POSSIBLE AND WE WILL FIGHT YOU INDIFINITELY TO PREVENT YOU FROM DOING THIS TO US. AND HOPEFULLY WE WILL UNSEAT YOU FROM YOUR LOFTY PERCH NEXT ELECTION!

This is our plea:

NO Government control of health insurance -- NO new government programs for health Insurance, NO government-run plan. NO government-sanctioned "co-op"

NO Government-forced insurance -- mandating that Americans buy health insurance


NO Government authority to control health care decisions. NO GOVERNMENT authority to make available treatment decisions. NO COMISSION OF BUREACRATS. NO BOARD OF BUREACRATS making life and death decisions for patients or doctors. NO BUREACRATS making treatment decisions for patients or doctors.

NO Raising taxes on businesses, NO raising taxes on health care providers, NO raising taxes on patients, directly or indirectly. NO causing the raising our insurance premiums. NO rationing our health care services.

BEST Remedy for improving stated intentions by politicians to improve healthcare delivery, and expand coverage on the underinsured and uninsured...

ALLOW Buying health insurance across state lines ...this will create more

competition and more options for patients and preserve our free market system with out government intervention destroying our freedoms.

ALLOW Lawsuit-abuse reform -- reduce extra tasks, expenses, and jeopardy that are holding doctors back from treating patients which is among the top elements driving up healthcare costs

ALLOW Tax credits for all incomes -- level the playing field so that all Americans get a tax benefit for buying health insurance not just those who get insurance through the workplace, but all LEGAL CITIZENS (this will entice more people sharing the burden and accomplish the stated goals responsibly without Government Authoritarian Gestapo tactics)

John McMillen

810 Glenn Dr

Sikeston, MO 63801

P.S. Attached is a picture of only half of the sincere citizens who came to the district office of Senator McCaskill to make known their grievances. These citizens are typical of the millions of citizens that Claire McCaskill, The National Democrat Party, and the national news media controlled by democrats have slandered and defamed as a dangerous mob.

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