Unexpected good samaritans

Saturday, October 31, 2009

While traveling north on Kingshighway on 10/31/09, I came upon a wreck involving a Jeep and a small convertible. I noticed a few things, most of which are consistant, however a couple stood out. A worker from what appeared to be Plaza Tire, a nearby business was there assisting another man with the most serious person involved. The other man was a biker wearing the patches of a club. They stayed with the victim and did what they could until the Fire Department, Police, and paramedics arrived. I noticed most of the people just stood by and watched from a distance but these two got involved and made sure the man didn't move his neck and calmed the other passengers. The victim attempted to move a few times but, they were able to calm him and prevent further injury. I also overheard the biker calming the other passenger, a woman, by telling her the man was going to be alright. I just wish more people could be like that, act first without considering the consequences to themselves. I learned a valuable lesson today, don't judge someone until you have a chance to know who they are and how they act when put to the test.

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