Out of the past 3/12/05

Saturday, March 12, 2005

25 years ago: March 12, 1980

Adoption of a teacher salary schedule calling for a median increase of 12.7 percent and discussion of teacher recommendations of benefit changes attracted the largest crowd in almost a year at the Cape Girardeau Board of Education last night.

Alex Haley, the author of "Roots," spoke last night at Academic Hall auditorium; Haley recalled growing up listening to stories of "Tom, the blacksmith," "Chicken George," "Kizzie" and "the African," who would become characters in his best seller.

50 years ago: March 12, 1955

Walter Post, who has managed the store for the past five years, and Raymond Dame of Chaffee, Mo., have purchased the Connie Shoe Store, 122 N. Main St., from the Evans and Six Shoe Co. of Poplar Bluff, Mo.

The school board last night indicated that Jefferson School, now used for black elementary pupils, won't be in operation next year; superintendent L.J. Schultz told the board he has notified the teacher there that she is free to seek employment elsewhere; the 32 pupils at the school will be integrated into the "white" schools.

75 years ago: March 12, 1930

W.A. Raupp, commanding officer of the National Guard in Missouri, inspects the records and equipment of Service Company, 140th Infantry in Cape Girardeau; "Much improved and better than ever" is his terse assessment of the company.

Many hedges on private and public property in Cape Girardeau were badly damaged by severe cold during this winter and as a result they are being cut to the ground to allow a new growth to start.

100 years ago: March 12, 1905

Elijah Masterson, living about 12 miles north of Cape Girardeau, suffered a severe loss by the burning of his barn yesterday; four nice, big horses were so badly burned they had to be destroyed.

Harmon Loeffel, the well-known stone contractor, has rented property on Main Street, north of Broadway, and will establish a cut stone yard; all kinds of cut stone -- granite, marble, etc. -- will be kept on hand.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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