Speak Out 3/12/05

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Performing arts

THE MARCH Tipoff magazine lists the following in Carbondale: Ballet Internationale on March 5 and The St. Lunatics Featuring Nelly on March 7. In Paducah the following events will take place at the Carson Four Rivers Center: March 5 Paducah Symphony Orchestra, March 8 the opera "Carmen," March 10 San Jose Taiko, March 16 Crazy For You. What do we have at the Show Me Center? Classic car auction, Missouri gun and knife show, home and garden show. I sincerely hope David Ross in his new position finds something in the performing arts to bring to the Show Me Center. If we cannot bring anything there, why will it be possible to bring anything to the River Campus?

School support

SCHOOLTEACHERS should be advocates for the poor. Gov. Matt Blunt's cynical attempt to turn teachers against some Medicaid recipients in order to channel money into public school coffers is sickening but may be succeeding. State Rep. Jason Crowell screamed "Waste, fraud and abuse!" in reference to the alleged Medicaid abuses. However, if waste, fraud and abuse ran rampant throughout Missouri's public schools, one suspects Crowell would remain quiet. Why? School people tend to vote, and the state GOP is counting on their support.

Girl Scout camp

IT IS a shame that the Otahki Girl Scout Council plans to close the Girl Scout camp in Marble Hill. Camp Teata has been going strong for 50 years in Marble Hill. I find it heartbreaking that they would purposely dispose of the environment that has provided so many opportunities for Girl Scouts and volunteers for so many years. The sale will eliminate a Boy Scout Eagle award project and several Girl Scout Silver and Gold award projects that are housed at Camp Teata. I know little Girl Scouts who are very upset and have cried when they've heard the news that the camp may close. The local community must be quick to respond to this decision and not allow this to happen. Call the council office and let them know how you feel.

Choose better way

ONCE THE truth comes out about how much better off we will be when we no longer have to depend upon Social Security and the AARP is no longer able to blow smoke to scare people, opinions will change. All you have to do is scare people with losing their money, and you have an uprising. When reality begins to set in and those who have a choice decide to go the better way, all you scare groups will lose your voices and the ability to control. Choose to live in comfort or lose your money to government. I would rather keep my money away from government's greedy hands and pork-barrel projects.

Art of politics

YOU HAVE to admit our politicians do a pretty good job if you accept the premise that politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs that properly concern them.

Make or break

NO ONE said we do not benefit from the farmer like we benefit from the industrial arena. But the majority of the owners of the industrial world do not receive the subsidies that the farmers do. In the industrial arena, if you do not produce and sell your product cheaper than the next company without subsidies, then you fold up and go to work for someone else.

Focus on negative

WHY DOES the newspaper continue to persecute these two men running for city council? You always print the negative over and over. It's not news. We have heard it time and time again. Does the newspaper have a negative agenda here? Why haven't we heard anything positive about these two men: a list of their accomplishments, how they volunteer their time, how they've given back to this community? Both of these men have changed their lives and have moved on from this task. Come on, Southeast Missourian. Stay focused on the real current news.

Walk on concrete

I WAS just on Lexington Avenue near Sherwood Drive. The construction of a sidewalk brought two thoughts to mind. There must be dozens of angry homeowners whose front lawns have been devastated so a few people a day can take their walks on concrete. What a waste of taxpayer money. Just because the majority of the cost is being borne by the state and federal government doesn't mean it's not taxpayer money. This is money that could have been used to support education, Medicare and many other things. No doubt the city council will tell us what a great accomplishment the sidewalk is just as soon as it's completed.

Thanks for purse

WE SENIORS are glad to have a shuttle to take us from the parking lot to the front door at Southeast Missouri Hospital. I left my purse on a shuttle. When I was pulling out of the parking lot, the driver came running to give it to me. Thanks again for such good and honest employees.

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