Speak Out 3/11/05

Friday, March 11, 2005

Too much press

HUNTER S. Thompson is getting more press time than he deserves. I'd rather the Southeast Missourian come up with an article about Sandra Dee. I'm a big fan of Sandra Dee. I loved her singing of "Tammy's in Love With the Doctor." This year Kevin Spacey made a wonderful movie, "Beyond the Sea," that dealt with Sandra Dee. I would rather read about this than Thompson. I hadn't even heard of the guy before he died, so it's not like he was incredibly great. I don't understand why this guy is getting this much press.

Precious keepsake

HONESTY SHOWS integrity. Please return the plaque you removed from the door at Chateau Girardeau, apartment 308. It means nothing to you and everything to me, as my deceased husband made it and gave it to me on a special day. If you decide honesty is not the way to go, I sincerely hope you get as much joy out of stealing this as my husband did out of making it.

Library hours

WHILE THERE are a lot of great people who work at the Cape Girardeau Public Library, there are some policies that need to be changed. My daughter was doing some research for a school project. She had to wait for me to take her because she doesn't drive. As soon as I got off we went to the library. We had an hour before closing. At 20 minutes before 5 o'clock, all the computers that patrons can use were turned off except for one. There were a lot of people trying to use the computers. I was told the computers are always turned off early. At 10 minutes before closing, the lights off in the stacks were turned off. This is ridiculous.

Good self-esteem

I'M IN favor of shedding light on domestic violence. But I fear your story on Julia may have created a false impression. Girls who are making A's and B's and participating in sports or any intensive after-school program almost never drop out in their junior year. Quite the opposite is true. The feeling of self-worth and achievement that comes from making good grades and from participating in organized school activities fosters positive self-esteem, which protects young women from abusive relationships. Involved parents who emphasize good grades, as well as participation in school and church programs, help insulate their children.

Sinking too low

I'M REALLY surprised that the Southeast Missourian sunk so low to write about candidates who once made the mistake of being felons. Their crimes really didn't warrant being exploited by the newspaper. They have a right to their privacy. Certainly the Southeast Missourian must be getting pretty desperate to want to damage the reputation of an average citizen. I think that's an out and out sin. They have a right to run for office and go on with their lives.

Welfare amenities

HOW CAN one be eligible for $103 of groceries, build a new home and buy a $100 wedding cake, $65 of Halloween candy, six to eight cases of soda and an $18 box of Whitman chocolates and still be on welfare? These parasites have been on welfare too long. They are not poor. They're just too lazy to work. In return, working people get to pay their doctor and dental bills.

Try some history

TO THOSE who claim that separation of church and state was not mentioned until Justice Hugo Black, I suggest a copy of James Madison's autobiography. After that, try reading Thomas Jefferson. Madison, who is generally considered the father of the Constitution, makes no bones about his feelings on the subject. After that, try a little study of religion in the colonies and read about the trial of Ann Hutchison. Watching the O'Reilly Factor is not a good way to learn history. Our Founding Fathers blessed us with secular republicanism for good reasons. By the way, O'Reilly also seems to not understand the meaning of the word secular. It means neutral, not atheist.

Obeying is harder

I WILL agree with plastering the Ten Commandments everywhere as soon as those who want to do this agree to remember the Sabbath (Saturday, not Sunday) by doing absolutely no work or leisure activities on that day. Everyone wants to post the rules, but no one seems to follow them.

Benefits of trees

I AGREE trees need to be planted along I-55. Planting trees in the median would help reduce the effects of the sun during the day and headlight glare at night.

Guns at school

DEXTER POLICE arrested and charged an 18 -year-old student with two class D felony counts of unlawful use of a weapon. The young man was having difficulty staying awake in class. School administrators felt it necessary to ask for permission to search his vehicle. The young man willingly submitted to the search where administrators found ammunition, a shotgun and a rifle. Both guns were found unloaded and locked in the trunk. The young man had not harmed nor threatened to harm anyone. So where is the unlawful use? If an unloaded weapon that is locked up constitutes unlawful use of a firearm, then most of Southeast Missouri is guilty. This may well be the first time in the history of American education that sleeping in class resulted in two class D felonies. I wonder what you would get for snoring?

Get fired up

ALL OF you who are upset with what is happening at the state level to programs for children, seniors and others in need must log on to the Web site www.firedupmissouri.com. This is one way we can work together to stop the Republican legislature.

Support for SEMO

ONE OF the reasons I choose Southeast Missouri State University was that Cape Girardeau was so supportive of the school. Don't let me down, people of Cape.

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