Letter to the Editor

No rewards at taxpayers' expense

Friday, March 11, 2005

To the editor:

I recently read in the Missourian about the $9 billion giveaway in Iraq and the presenters don't know where it went. Just wait. These screw-ups in charge will likely be promoted and given a raise or a multimillion-dollar retirement.

Franklin Raines, CEO at Fannie Mae, also hid a $9 billion loss and was given $19 million of severance pay plus $1 million a year for retirement. Federal politicians made this possible at the taxpayers' expense.

Our federal government rewards the inept who can't perform their jobs with our tax dollars. What should happen to these people is (1) strip them of their bonuses, severance pay and retirement benefits and (2) bar them for life from government employment.

Facing this, most would analyze their ability to perform the job or perform effectively.

BUDDY PARRISH, Cape Girardeau