Guard dog snatched from recycling business

Friday, March 11, 2005

When burglars broke into Sides Recycling at 800 Giboney St., they got away with more than just some copper wire and a small amount of cash. They apparently took Dude, the business's guard dog.

Darren Henderson, manager of Sides Recycling, said Dude is a registered pit bull dog he kept in the business to scare away burglars. The burglars who broke into the building may have taken the dog as part of their haul.

The intruders got away with about $120 worth of copper wire and other metals, but Dude is worth about $500, Henderson said.

Although Dude was supposed to scare burglars away, Henderson said he's more bark than bite.

"He isn't vicious," Henderson said. "He's more intimidating than anything else. He made a lot of noise. He's a big baby."

Dude is white with a black spot on his eye, and weighs 85 pounds. He is blind in the eye that has the spot.

"He's a big one," Henderson said. "He has a huge head. He's a beautiful dog."

Henderson says he is concerned that whoever took Dude may want to make a fighting dog of him. Dude may be big, but he is not a fighter, Henderson said.

"He just wants to play," he said.

Dude is a pet, and Henderson wants him back. The police department's animal control division is on the lookout, and so are people who are familiar with the dog. Henderson said that Dude will most likely come to someone who calls his name. Anyone who knows the dog is located is asked to call Henderson at 335-9457 or the police at 335-6621. Or bring him back to Sides Recycling.

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