Speak Out 10/21/09

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smoking advice

GOOD grief, with all that's going on can't you find something else to whine about besides cigarette butts and people smoking? If you don't like the smoking, stay away from them.

Skewed statistics

THE headlines said jobless claims are at the lowest since January. That doesn't tell a true story. Think of how many people have gone as far as they can on their unemployment. Of course it's low.

Price of admission

I am disappointed with the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri after reading about the admission prices for the Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair. A weekend pass is $5. A Sunday-only pass is $3. Where is the Saturday-only price? By Sunday, many vendors have sold out of their wares. I do not want to go Saturday and Sunday. I only want to go on Saturday. I will have to pay $2 more than the Sunday only price.

More about POWs

THE article in Sunday's edition about the old POW camp in Weingarten, Mo., was interesting. If anyone would like to know more about POW camps in Missouri during World War II, there is a great book titled "The Enemy Among Us" by David Fiddler.

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