Deer smashes through door of area business

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 ~ Updated 12:19 PM
The front door of LeGrand's Communications is boarded up after a deer smashed into it Sunday. (Noreen Hyslop/The Daily Statesman)

DEXTER, Mo. -- A four-point buck stopped into LeGrand's Communications on Business Highway 60 Sunday morning, smashing through the front door glass.

The confused creature entered through the front entrance, charging full force through the glass front door. The animal apparently entered antlers first, leaving a portion of one of his antlers inside the store.

Store owners Ronnie and Sheila LeGrand received a call from a Dexter police officer around 10:30 a.m. Sunday, after local resident Lance Espey reported the incident.

"I thought someone was playing a joke on us; and I told the policeman, 'Oh, sure,'" Sheila LeGrand said after receiving the phone call. "The officer had to really convince me that a deer really did jump through our front door. You just don't think about them being this close to downtown," she said Sunday morning as the couple worked to board up the front door and remove the tiny glass shards from the front office area of their business.

Espey had reportedly first spotted the deer traveling south on One Mile Road and began following slowly behind the deer in his vehicle.

"It turned east onto Business 60 at the One Mile Road stoplight," Ronnie LeGrand explained, "and Lance followed it here to our place."

When the deer reached the parking lot of LeGrand's, he apparently saw his reflection of the store's front door and bolted toward it, shattering the entire panel of glass in the store's front door.

According to LeGrand, the deer did little damage inside.

"It really didn't bother any of the displays or any of the equipment," LeGrand said of the intruder. "We just had a mess with glass shards all over the front of the building."

Espey told police he witnessed the deer inside the building for just a short time before it jumped back out the same door through which it entered.

"He apparently wasn't at all injured," LeGrand said, "just stunned. There wasn't a bit of blood."

After exiting the building, the buck was seen running east for a short distance before taking a northern route up Sassafras Street, likely toward familiar territory in a rural area north of Highway 60.

Pertinent address:

320 W. bus Hwy 60, Dexter, MO

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