Speak Out 10/20/09

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Giving credit

WHILE I agree President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, I would like to be a little bit clearer on some things. The Lord didn't put him there. The Electoral College did.

Call for duty

TO the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department and the Jackson Police Department: As your taxpaying employer, I urge you to do something with the speeders driving through the Jackson area during all times of the day or night.

Headline mismatch

WHO writes the headlines on the Southeast Missourian's Opinion pages? The headline was grossly misleading for the Oct. 13 BBC news story on global warming. Reading the main headline and the subhead, the reader would assume the piece was supportive of Rush Limbaugh's tirades about global warming being a hoax. In fact, the article was a well-written discussion of differing scientific views on the significance of lower-than-predicted average temperatures in recent years. Come on, Southeast Missourian, make the headlines match the content.

No money

IT is nice the president and Congress want to give an extra $250 to every senior citizen who's retired, but the government is out of money. Where else does the government want to spend money? Maybe it wants to extend unemployment benefits? Who else can we give money to? Our government is out of money, and it doesn't make sense to keep giving money to each other when we don't have the money to give.

So true

I dearly loved the "Joe Legal versus Joe Illegal" segment in Gary Rust's Oct. 16 column. That is so true. He needs to make a copy and send it to every member of our very dysfunctional Congress.

Good recycling

I would like to thank all of the hard-working individuals at the Jackson recycling center. They do their best to keep it neat and clean. Also thanks to the city of Jackson for providing these facilities.

Stealing our future

I am a 38-year-old taxpayer with two miracle children. Our whole life is set up to teach our children good morals and values so they might someday have a chance in this backward society. The system of corrupt county and state programs is stealing our children's future. So-called recovering drug users have more rights than most, exhausting enormous dollars with their manipulative ways. They use state-funded programs for their so-called diseases while working people foot the bill. Wake up people and take a stand for the only ones who really matter: our children. Quit letting them steal our children's future. You can never appreciate anything when you're handed everything your whole life.

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