Kennett Middle School implements course to increase MAP proficiency

Monday, October 19, 2009

A new course has been implemented at Kennett Middle School this year, with the focus being to help students reach the proficient or advanced levels on the Missouri Assessment Program test.

"I can say without reservation that staff members throughout the school district are working extremely hard, putting forth a very concerted effort to improve overall student performance," said principal Ward Billings.

Billings said new programs, activities and professional development are being implemented throughout the district.

"KMS has established an exciting and innovative class which is specifically designed to provide valuable assistance to students who scored just below the proficient level on the MAP test," he said.

Billings said the new MAP Enhancement Class is being taught by Bethany Britt, a former Kennett High School teacher.

Test scores from last year's MAP test were the basis for deciding which students would be enrolled in the new class. Billings said students who enroll at the middle school throughout the year, will be screened to see if they qualify for the program. Britt said students who transfer from a school outside the state will not be screened, as there would be no MAP score available.

Billings said the district is excited as to what the potential outcome of the MAP Enhancement Class will be.

"We feel confident that this additional assistance to students enrolled in the MAP Enhancement Class will help them in their attempt to score at proficient or advanced level on the MAP test, and will hopefully have a significant carry over effect upon their regular class work," Billing said. Britt will be working not only on the areas of communication arts and math, but test taking skills as well, he said.

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