Speak Out 3/8/05

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Thanks to all who served

REGARDING THE National Guard members who returned from Iraq: I'm proud to see the community and the media welcome them back. But there are also Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force servicemen and women who served over there. I'd like to tell them thanks. I salute you.

Genuinely kind act

WITH ALL the comments in Speak Out lately about funeral processions, it brings to mind the experience my family had when my mother passed away several years ago. This was in a small town south of Cape Girardeau. After the service, reaching the cemetery required that we travel a two-lane state highway through farming country. In one field was a man plowing. As he came closer to the highway, he stopped his tractor, removed his cap and bowed his head. Now that is my idea of respect, and it didn't come from a law passed in Jefferson City. I will always remember that kind act.

Thanks to troops

WELCOME HOME, troops. We love you. God bless you, and thank you for helping to keep our country safe and peaceful.

Touching respect

WHEN MY father passed away, we were going down the highway and a man saw our funeral procession coming. He pulled to the side of the road, got out of his car, took his hat off, put it over his heart and stood there until we were all passed. That was so touching and respectful.

Oil takeover

I READ in the Missourian last week where gasoline was going to take a big spike in price. The reason was that there was so much gasoline stored and imports have improved. Now gasoline jumped 10 cents a gallon overnight. These people who claim the increase doesn't bother them will be bothered before it's over. Every time the price of gasoline goes up, food goes up, and everything else goes up. The price of oil runs this country, and the Saudis are running this country. These people in the Middle East are going to take our country over without firing a shot. It won't be much longer.

Thanks, welcome home

A SPECIAL thanks to all of the troops for all they do to preserve our freedoms. And a big welcome home to those that have completed their tour of duty.

Rough road ahead

WHAT IS it with the horrible roads in Cape Girardeau? Everywhere I go there are massive potholes or rough roads. Why aren't our taxes going toward this?

Job well done

I'M SO proud that the courageous members of the 1140th Engineer Battalion are home with friends and family again. Thanks for a job well done.

Put inmates to work

CAPE GIRARDEAU'S Mayor Jay Knudtson is right. Why not use inmates on work release to clean up the city? It's about time this idea was put into action. Too many times inmates volunteer to work off their fines at the recycling center, because the majority of the public is not going to see you there and you are still working off your fines. I agree with the mayor about exposing inmates to the public view as a possible deterrent to repeat offenders. Why not bring back the chain gang? Our highways would remain litter-free and fines would be worked off.

Thank you, 1140th

MEMBERS OF the 1140th Engineer Battalion need to realize that people have been praying for them for a long time. We loved them for what they were and what they did to protect us. God bless you and your loved ones. Thank you, and may you find the transition back to civilian life smooth.

Potential for terrorism

THE PROLIFIC growth of hate-group Web sites on the Internet again proves the value of this technology to be overwhelmed by its potential for terrorist uses.

Losing proposition

GIVEN HOW Southeast Missouri State University overcounts attendance at sporting events, it is no surprise that SEMO has overcounted how much Three Rivers Community College owes. If the university is losing $800,000 a year on the Sikeston campus, why is it giving up the opportunity to earn $50,000? Dumb and dumber. Thank goodness we have an accountant for president at the university and not an academic.

Follow the rules

I'LL ADMIT that I have started to pass funeral processions before I had a chance to realize that's what it is. Why? Because the drivers don't follow the rules by having both their hazard lights and headlights on. Also, motorists in funeral processions should follow the speed limit. If the drivers would follow the rules, we would not need any laws about passing funeral processions.

Glad to be helping

SOMEONE SAID we don't need to spend money in Iraq. I am deployed in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I helped with the elections. I have defended my fellow soldiers from the insurgents. I will do it all again if I need to help this country to get back on its feet after Saddam. I am grateful to help this country, and its people that are extremely grateful. The insurgents are usually Syrians or from Third World nations. Most are not Iraqis. I am glad to help this country.

Spend on poor students

ON THE subject of the new entry for the university: This indicates highly questionable values. Spend that money on providing an education for more minority and poor students in the Bootheel.

Home to roost

THE CHICKENS have come home to roost. Dale Nitzschke, Ken Dobbins, Don Dickerson and others at Southeast Missouri State University build buildings with pork money and then cannot make the programs break even. Rather than cancel Division I sports to pay for the Sikeston red ink, it will probably cut the library budget or eliminate some more majors. When will Gov. Matt Blunt act?

Not in dream world

IF YOU want to know why the White House has no credibility, you don't have to go far. After all the polls showed that support for the Bush plan to privatize Social Security has lost support, the White House spokesman claimed the numbers were going up. These folks live in a dream world and hope everyone else does too. I don't.

Great university

SOUTHEAST MISSOURI State University is one of the most beautiful campuses in Missouri. I looked at every school in the state before choosing to become a student at SEMO. As an alumnus, I believe Cape Girardeau and the university are top-notch. My education was excellent, and any future projects will just attract more students and enhance the beauty of this historic university.

Won't clog traffic

I WANT it to be known that my will states that I do not want a funeral procession to the graveyard. Why should I hold up traffic? Just because I'm dead doesn't give me the right to slow down the living.

Thanks for the help

I DON'T know how I could have made it through this wet winter without the creativity and thoughtfulness of Matt Kiesling. My husband of 56 years died last summer, and I didn't know what to do when my basement was leaking every time it rained. Matt mixed concrete with his bare hands and filled in where the water was leaking in. I sure appreciate the thoughtfulness of this young man helping an ever-grateful widow.

Mountains of litter

I AM ashamed to drive down the interstate around Cape Girardeau at this time of year because of the mountains of litter. I don't believe in the death penalty, but perhaps I should rethink things a bit.

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