Speak Out 10/19/09

Monday, October 19, 2009

Targeting soldiers

WE have some low-life people in this area who break into the homes of the parents of two servicemen and take their belongings and guns while they are in Iraq fighting for the burglar's freedom. It isn't as if the burglars did not know the servicemen lived there, because there is a banner on their door with two stars on it.

Headlight solution

DURING these rainy days in the fall, sometimes we need our headlights even though it's partially sunny. I was walking out my driveway the other day and stumbled upon a solution. If you'd pick up an acorn cap and put it over the light sensor on your dashboard, your headlights will turn on. If it's a sunny day, we take the acorn cap off of the light sensor. Try it. You'll like it.

Resolving racism

IN order to end racism, each individual -- black, white, red, yellow -- has to take a personal responsibility to let it go. Al Sharpton doesn't care about my black neighbor and friend, the Rams organization, Rush Limbaugh or even civil and human rights. He cares about his own agenda of publicity and his power derived from his voice in the media. Sit down, Reverend, you only perpetuate an age-old problem when others are trying to resolve it.

Drinking, drug abuse

JACKSON police and sheriff's department: Surely you are aware of all the under age drinking and drug abuse that is going on among our teenagers in Jackson. What are you waiting for? Please do something about this. Enforce the law. Check out all the overnight parties in the city and out on the county roads. It's a serious problem. Parents need help.

In the dark

MIGHTY forces are fast converging. The presumptuous elites are hoping against meager hope that Washington will get it right on the health insurance reform bill. The elites won't get it right, and if one of the five or so plans is passed, there will be higher premiums on all private and company plans. An eventual government option would destroy hundreds of insurance companies. It's simple arithmetic that the government doesn't believe you will understand.


WHO cares about spelling any more? Everyone has spell-check on his computer.

Favorite weapon

THE word "racist" has become the liberal's favorite weapon to use against conservatives. If you are a conservative, you are a racist in the eyes of liberals. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson attacking Rush Limbaugh for showing an interest in buying the Rams does not surprise me a bit. I listen to Limbaugh regularly and have never heard him say anything that I would consider racist. Limbaugh speaks out against liberalism. Sharpton and Jackson are liberals, so they use their favorite weapon against Limbaugh.

Drug testing

I work at a job that requires random drug tests. I find it odd that we don't require drug testing for those who get government assistance. I know college-educated people who get food stamps, HUD home assistance, discounted electricity, Medicaid and even free day care. These people choose not to work since they are living better than those of us who support our families and pay bills on time. They go to concerts. I'm lucky to treat my family to a pizza after my bills are paid. A monthly drug test cannot cost more than the free food and other assistance we give them.

Let them smoke

LEAVE Southeast Missouri State University employees alone. It makes little difference to me if someone smokes in his car or if I pass someone on the sidewalk and he's smoking.

Lap-dog press

I remember in not too distant past the most championed Founding Father who was used to promote radical leftist ideals was Thomas Jefferson. Now that leftist ideals are entrenched in our society as well as our federal government, neither the press nor the leftist elitists mention any Founder anymore. Here are a couple of quotes as a quick check of what our free press was supposed to be. First, one of the last standard bearers of days gone: "The notion that the press and the universities should serve the state is essentially a Communist notion. In a free society these institutions must be wholly free; this is to say that their function is to serve as checks upon the state." -- Alan Barth (1906-1979) who served on the editorial board of The Washington Post for 30 years. Then there's the standard-bearer himself: "I never submitted my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatsoever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent."-- Thomas Jefferson. That's quite a contrast to our sycophant Democratic lapdog press of today.

Cellular rudeness

I think it is the rudest thing ever to talk on your cell phone while going through a drive-through, especially when you're at the window and give the cashier an attitude for doing her job and telling you your total. Cell phones and texting have become the dumbing-down of today's society. I've seen so many bad drivers and general rudeness because of cell phones. If it's not an emergency, don't answer your cell phone. Your friends don't need to know what you're doing every minute of the day.

Prize parameters

THE reason President Obama doesn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize has nothing to do with politics. He hasn't met the qualifications spelled out by Alfred Nobel himself. According to his will the prize is "awarded to the person who during the preceding year ... shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." He hasn't been in a position during the preceding year to accomplish this task. Not to mention we are at war with two countries and are looking to add troops.

Get the shot

WITH all of the misinformation about the swine flu vaccination making the rounds in this area, it is absolutely incumbent upon all schools to encourage their students, staff and extended families to get vaccinated as soon as it becomes available.

Sounds familiar

"IT is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion." -- Joseph Paul Goebbels (1897-1945), Nazi propaganda minister, October 1933. Any similarities to this philosophy and that of the President Obama's press spokesperson expressed saying the administration is declaring war on Fox News?

More H1N1 cases

I'M wondering how the Cape Girardeau County Health Department can say we only have had two cases of H1N1 flu when I know of about five Type A cases in South Elementary School in Jackson. Officials say 90 percent of Type A flu cases are considered H1N1.

Conflicting strategies

A recent article said 7,500 tax dodgers have applied for IRS amnesty. They have overseas accounts ranging from just over $10,000 to more than $100 million. They are promised no jail time and reduced penalties. Another article says President Obama is calling for $250 payments to seniors. How nice of the federal government to excuse tax cheats and give us $250 payments because we won't have an increase in Social Security next year. I wonder what it would be like if the government would collect all those past-due taxes from those tax cheaters.

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