Letter to the Editor

Follies: Great memories

Sunday, October 18, 2009

There is going to be a Jaycee Follies reunion at the Cape River Heritage Museum on Oct. 30. I remember the follies. I was a child and a voice student of Catherine Lange (I think that was her name). I remember being on stage with other girls. We sang "April Showers," wore yellow raincoats and carried umbrellas. It was so much fun. My mother has it captured on black-and-white film. I wish we had had camcorders back then. I don't remember what year it was. I also remember my dad participating one year by dressing up as a woman. He wore a blue velvet dress and a hat, I think. I would need to coordinate that information with my mother, a lifelong Cape Girardeau resident. I thought it was so funny to see dads dressed up like moms. We hope to come up from Florida to take a trip down memory lane and participate in the reunion.

VICKI MAULDIN, Jacksonville, Fla.