Letter to the Editor

Deceptive lure of authority

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The deceptive allure of fascism, socialism and communism is that man can be his own God. Such philosophies emerge when men deny the ultimate authority of our Creator and his recipe for society. Such philosophies attack the fundamental tenants of our free republic based on fundamental rights of the soul, pervert it and appeal to the physical nature of man, replacing the true necessity of reverence for our Creator with an artificial reverence for an all powerful state.

Both require acceptance of an ultimate authority. Both require submission to a higher power. But to what end? Our once free republic promoted industry, independence, self reliance and reverence for the authority of our Creator from whom all blessings flow as the main focus. The byproduct was a strong, productive, unified society. Now needs of self are dependent upon authorities of state. The byproduct is hate, anger, selfishness, confusion, fear and loss of individual control to centralized elitists.

Believers in a representative republic are actually classical liberals. Believers in Democratic leadership of today are not true liberals at all. They do not believe in true liberty. Though labeled with different names, Nazi socialism, fascism and communism all exhibit tyrannical authoritarian control, corruption and misery to be suffered by the citizenry. All require an absolute reverence for and obedience to the authoritarian dictatorship. Choose the name you prefer for this oncoming Obamanation. Whatever you call it, don't dare blaspheme our Creator by calling it Christian nor insult our intelligence by calling it liberal.

JOHN McMILLEN, Sikeston, Mo.