PHS Marching Buccaneers take nine trophies at Charleston compeition

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Saturday, October 10, the Perryville High School Marching Buccaneers competed in a marching competition hosted by Charleston High School in Charleston, Missouri.

The Marching Buccaneers came home Saturday night with nine trophies, including first place trophies in the parade competition and in the field show competition.

In the parade competition, the Buccaneers won four out of a possible five captions, including "Outstanding Flags," "Outstanding Percussion," "Outstanding Music," and "Outstanding Drum Majors." They also won first place in their division, as well as scoring first place overall.

In the field show competition, the Buccaneers won three out of a possible five captions, including "Outstanding Field Command," "Outstanding Percussion," and "Outstanding Music." They also won first place in their division, as well as scoring second place overall.

The band is under the direction of Jay Peters and Eric Seible and the flags are under the direction of Mrs. Michael-Ann Buchheit.

Pictured above are: (front from left) Angela Lopez, Tyler Holland, Scott Sanders, Danielle Manche, Abby Meza, Avery Welker, Josh Hargrove, Cody Broussard, Dylan Geile, Drew Pohlman, Dylan Callier, Olivia Duvall, Jodie Blandford, Patrick Winkler; (second row from left) Caitlynn Hall, Lydia Welker, Jessie Church, Ashley Niccum, Katie Winkler, Alexia Byrd, Kasey Hobbs, Amber Niccum, Casey Barnes, Kaylie Winschel, Dakota Arnold; (third row from left) Caitlin Schamburg, Chandra Petot, Kelsey Bert, Terry Davis, Gabe Lockhart, Christine Byrd, Megan Gallaway, Caitlyn Mercer, Michaela Kohm, Brittany Elder; (fourth row from left) Kimberly Brignac, Jacob Lawrence, Anthony Walker, Justin Masters, Mia Pohlman, Brittany Haynes, Ryan Koesterer, Shelby Roth, Rachel Jannin, Lucas Beck, Caleb Sprous; (fifth row from left) Garret Welker, Jerrod Yount, Leanne Otte, Luke Edwards, Dalton Manche, Stephany Laskosky, Dalton Phillips, Nate Kinnison, Kimbra Paradee, Seth Noland; (sixth row from left) Jacob Bohnert, Josh Scherer, Devin Sandlin, Ryan Hoehn, Tommy Dawson, Joey Goldsmith, Brett Beier, Lilly Johnson, Trevor Gross (seventh row from left) Mr. Eric Seibel, Cole Nations, Emily Westmoreland, Katherine Boyer, Julie-Ann Moore, Zach Payne, Lexie Rollet, Michael Richardson, Mr. Jay Peters (Flags on left, front to back) Alex Morgan, Melissa Teeter, Audria Miller, Harley Ford, Miranda Massey; (Flags on right, front to back) Hayley Bachmann, Whitley Hannick, Rachel Cook, Tiffany Elder, Mrs. Michael-Ann Buchheit

(Photo courtesy of LaRose Studio)

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