Marble Hill aldermen give tentative approval for war memorial

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 ~ Updated 1:38 PM

MARBLE HILL, Mo. -- Marble Hill aldermen Monday night gave tentative approval to let the Bollinger County Memorial Wall Committee go ahead with plans to build a veterans' memorial in Railroad Park, and to put up a sign indicating that the park will be the memorial's future site.

The committee gave the board of aldermen two diagrams of proposed plans for the memorial. Committee spokeswoman Shirley Ryan said the group has support of local businesses and individuals for the memorial, and asked for commitment from the city to use the space.

"It should draw people to this area and that's good," said Mayor Russell Masterson. However, the mayor was concerned about adequate parking and who would be responsible for maintenance of the site.

Currently, the memorial committee is concentrating on fund-raising and on getting names of war veterans from Bollinger County to be included on the memorial. Upon giving its approval, the board asked that the committee submit quarterly reports on its progress, and to come back to the board after a year to plan the next steps.

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