Speak Out 10/13/09

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time to leave

TO our representatives, senators and president: It's time we get out of Afghanistan. We aren't gaining. It's going to go just like it did in Vietnam, where we lost about 50,000 of our military personnel. It's time we get out. We can't keep trying to take care of the whole world.

University smoking

I wonder why Southeast Missouri State University does not enforce its no-smoking rules. Students have to stand outside on a concrete pad to smoke, but employees of the university smoke anywhere they want to -- in their vehicles, on the sidewalks. If it's a nonsmoking campus, then the no-smoking rule should be enforced. Otherwise, do away with it and let everybody do their smoking outside.

Demolition decision

IT is interesting that a front-page story Oct. 8 in the Missourian indicates that the Southeast Missouri State University regents are going to consider the demolition of Washington School. In the same paper, and on several previous days, the legal notices section published a notice for bids on the demolition. It seems the university is going a little far in relation to decisions already having been made and then making it appear as they are new.

Mailbox explanation

REGARDING the mailboxes on Mount Auburn Road. Anyone who watched the recent city council meeting will see why the mailboxes are placed in the sidewalk. That was supposed to have been a grassy area. To make it easier for property owners who would have to mow that area, the city went ahead and concreted it. This is not an issue for the residents who use those mailboxes. Why should anyone else care? I think the city and postal service and the people doing the road work did everything they knew how to make it as safe and convenient for the residents as possible. Everyone else should work with that idea.

Proper clothing

I believe sex offenders, especially repeat offenders, should not be around children. I found an 11-year-old girl on the street the other day. She looked like a prostitute. Mothers, you need to keep your daughters dressed.

Trash system

I live in Scott City. We have the type of trash pickup service that Cape Girardeau is considering. I called the company and asked for a smaller container that I could handle more easily. It didn't seem to be a problem. I recycle, so I have very little trash. I don't have to take it out every week unless I want to. I think you will like it.

School shots

IT'S flu season. Some of us work in school systems. We're at a lot of risk. We take a lot of chances all year long. I think the flu shots should be funded by the school districts, because we're the ones who take care of the children.

Searching for water

NASA is shooting at the moon to see if it contains water. I think we should be more concerned about what's going on here on planet Earth and our water supply. By the way, this moonshot endeavor only costs the taxpayers $70 million. I think somebody needs to check those guys' heads and see if they've got rocks for brains.

Learning to spell

I believe that children should be given spelling words up to the high school level. They can't spell. I had a child who was on the honor roll. When he left school, he could not spell. My niece graduated high school. She cannot spell. If I'm seeing this, I'm sure other parents are seeing it too.

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