Letter to the Editor

Tearing down historic buildings

Monday, October 12, 2009

Regarding the demolition of Washington School: When will Southeast Missouri State University's assault and slaughter of our historic buildings continue? Perhaps the university should team up with Cape Girardeau and demolish every building over 20 years old. They could start on Broadway at Pacific Street with one bulldozer on the north side and the other on the south and mow down every building all the way to Water Street. Let's turn the entire city into one big parking lot for the university. The best part is they wouldn't have to stop at the boundaries of the campus. There are plenty of potential parking lots there as well. For example, Academic Hall is an old, outdated building that's expensive to keep and maintain. They could tear it down. In it's place build a multilevel parking garage and put the dome on top of it.

As for Washington School, I understand the decision has been made. On behalf of the memories of thousands of children who have passed through those halls, the learning, the friendships, the play days, holiday celebrations, the laughter, the tears, I'm not going to let her go down without at least one voice of dissent being heard.

GREG LINCOLN, Cape Girardeau