Speak Out 3/5/05

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Teaching common sense

I WOULD much rather my children drink at home as opposed to finding them in a body bag. I am one of these parents who know the kids are going to do it anyway, and my children call me to pick them up. All I can do is instill safety by letting my children know they can call me at any hour, and I will be there. I have a 21-year-old who still calls and says, "Mom, I've been drinking. Come and get me." My way of thinking is still working.

Controlling dogs

I have seen dozens of dog owners breaking the leash law in Cape Girardeau since I moved here in July. I was nearly attacked by a dog whose owner stood by and watched her dog attempt to bite me without saying a word to it. The dog had to run half a block to reach me. A passer-by came between us and frightened the dog into backing off, but not without some difficulty. Don't pet owners here realize that they can be sued for attacks by their pets on people in public places?

Welcome back

How wonderful to have the 1140th home. The soldiers were covered in prayers while they were in Iraq and covered with praise upon returning home. Congratulations for a job well done.

Seniors' contributions

It's ironic, isn't it? Most seniors spent the largest part of their lives working and contributing to our government thought taxation. When they grow too old, too worn-out, too weary or too disabled to contribute income taxes, some people start thinking they are of no use anymore. Too many do not look back on the seniors' contributions in the decades when they did work.

Satisfied subscriber

I live on Lear Drive in Cape Girardeau and receive the Southeast Missourian. I have to say thank you to our delivery person. He puts the paper right on the porch every day and has never missed a day. I hope he reads this and knows just how much he is appreciated for his great work. He deserves the recognition for a job well done. Thank you from a satisfied customer.

Not much cooperation

I am not a bit surprised at Southeast Missouri State University's actions regarding cooperation with Three Rivers Community College and working for the good of the students. Does SEMO really think the community does not notice that Southern Illinois University-Carbondale is perfectly comfortable with John A. Logan Community College just a few short miles away, yet a Missouri community college is nowhere near a reasonable commuting distance to Cape Girardeau?

Are you itching?

Due to the warm winter, I have already picked up two chigger bites and one tick while working on my roses. People would be well-advised to check themselves and their children when coming in from the yard or other grassy areas.

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