Scott County considers changing size, shape of county road signs

Friday, October 9, 2009

BENTON, Mo. -- Scott County motorists will soon see a change in some road signs.

During Thursday's commission meeting, Joel Evans, county developer and emergency management manager, updated officials on information he's found since he brought up the notion of using larger, easier-to-read signs a few weeks ago. He suggested using hexagon-shaped signs for county roads, like older versions.

"The five-sided signs are significantly more expensive and cost about $20 each," he said. "We currently pay about $5 per sign."

Evans expressed concerns over the visibility of county road signs recently, especially for emergency management personnel. Current signs are 6 inches by 18 inches and have white letters.

Upon further research, Evans found larger signs, measuring 11 inches by 18 inches, which would be $10 each. Those would have 8-inch letters.

"And I'd recommend we try using yellows letter instead of white, so it's reflective," he said.

Presiding Commissioner Jamie Burger agreed the current signs are a bit difficult to read.

"Let's put a couple of the larger ones out and see what they look like," he said. "If we like them, we'll replace them through attrition."

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