Speak Out 10/7/09

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good change

THIS is for all the worry warts concerning the new trash pickup proposed for Cape Girardeau. I have used this type of trash pickup for over 20 years, and the carts are easy to push. They do not blow away. And they have more room than trash cans. The change would be a good thing.

Terrorism threat

I'M glad the United States did not get the Olympics. I can't believe at this time of international terrorism that we would even want the Olympics. I would think the risk would be too great, allowing hordes of people into our country.

Shot choice

IS anyone else tired of having a flu shot shoved down his throat against his will? I thought we lived in America. Now we have a choice -- a choice in health care provider and employer.

Burning fields

We've had beautiful fall days with clear blue skies. Can someone explain to me why some farmers still burn their fields, sending tons of ash into the sky and contributing to yellow haze and allergy problems? I'm sure many successful farmers don't burn their fields.


I just spent 15 minutes watching my sons play out in our yard. Those 15 minutes were given to me by government-run health care. Thank you. Was I worried about letting the VA operate on me? Yes, I was terrified. But I'm alive -- I hope for a long time to come -- with the help of our government-run VA health care system. There have been a few mistakes along the way, but my treatment has been effective and thorough. I have been well-treated. My doctors have even called to check on me late on holiday weekends. They have been attentive and respectful. More importantly, I am alive and still Daddy, still husband and father, and very grateful to have that health care. Yes, it will be expensive, but so is the war that George Bush started. I seem to recall something about "the right to life." Have we abandoned our principles? I have not and will not.

Lacking logic

FOR the first time in the history of this country, our president has lobbied to bring the Olympics to his hometown. It is estimated that this cost the taxpayers a million dollars or more. But he failed. In the past he has gone to foreign countries and told them how bad this country is. If the country is as bad as he thinks it is, why would he think we deserve to have the Olympics here? This president seems bright when he makes a speech, but I think he is lacking when it comes to common sense and logic.

Preterm births

WHAT'S that about our health care system being the best in the world? That may be true for those who have access, but how does one explain that North America ranks second only to Africa in the number of preterm births?

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