Activity week sets new records

Friday, October 2, 2009
The King is Jorge Goncalves and the Queen is Meghan Dohogne

Activity Week 2009 kicked-off Friday, September 18 with the annual assembly and skit by the teachers. The theme this year was the Notre Dame Bulldog Awards hosted by Mr. Danny Strohmeyer.

The teachers impersonated many different Hollywood stars including Twilight's Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, the Black-Eyed Peas, and Harry Potter's Harry and Hermione Granger.

"I loved how all the teachers dressed up," said junior Jessie Ritter, "and I really liked when Mr. Vollink and Mr. Unterreiner dressed as ice skaters from Blades of Glory."

After the skit the candidates for each class were announced. The freshmen candidates were Patrick Williams, and Breanna Conklin; the sophomores nominated Hunter Urhahn and Kali Essner. Bill Ayieko and Allyson Bradshaw were the junior candidates; and the seniors chose Jorge Goncalves and Meghan Dohogne to represent their class.

After a weekend of frantic selling, the students came to school Monday and received clues throughout the day about the identity of the Mystery Teacher. At the afternoon assembly the Mystery Teacher was found to be Mr. Ostendorf. Senior Liam Maher received $50 for correctly identifying the Mystery Teacher.

Monday the juniors dressed patriotically and walked in to "Party in the U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus.

The seniors used a Harry Potter theme and shouted spells periodically throughout the assembly. The seniors brought in the most money Monday won a dress down day for Tuesday.

On Tuesday the seniors dressed as hippies for their Woodstock theme. Freshman Payton Lynas, sophomore Adam Raines, junior Alex Beussink, and senior Hannah Nenninger participated in Eat that Food! a game where each contestant challenges the other to eat a mystery item in a certain number of bites. Raines attempted to eat a 1 lb. block of velvetta cheese in two bites, as well as a whole tomato.

Nenninger had to eat a cookie, and attempted to eat a hunk of braunschweiger. Beussink won $50 in the final round between the juniors and seniors without eating anything.

Senior Symone Sides said, "I like Eat that Food! It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen."

At the Wednesday assembly a team from each class was chosen for the annual clothes relay. The juniors won again on Wednesday.

The senior's theme Wednesday was "George of the Jungle." King candidate Jorge Goncalves played George and sprinted into the gymnasium and right into a "tree."

Thursday a rockband tournament was held between each class. The juniors came out on top once again after the seniors failed on their song "PDA" by Interpol in the finals.

Alex Carroll, member of the senior band, said, "It was really exciting being onstage in front of the whole school and being a rock star for a day."

The seniors were superheroes on Thursday and rescued senior Liam Maher from a lawn mower. Maher was involved in an incident with a lawn mower over the summer in which he partially amputated his toe.

Friday a group of seniors performed the dance from Napoleon Dynamite and shirts reading "Vote Seniors" were worn by most of the class.

"It was a fun, exciting, hilarious dance," said Andrew Shultz, a senior involved in the dance. "I didn't know it very well, so I copied off the people in front of me which caused me to be a couple seconds too late."

The juniors attempted to perform the gator dance to "Takin' Care of Business."

Saturday all final returns were due and the final money count was given at the Activity Week dance.

The results came in, and seniors brought in the most money, followed by the sophomores, juniors, and freshmen.

The school's goal was $85,000 and the actual amount brought in was nearly double that. The total amount brought in was $306,834, and the total profit for the week was $169,059.

Brother David was very pleased with the results, and the students were rewarded with two days off school, as promised, plus an additional half day off school.

The seniors set a new class record with $64,840, an amount greater than that of the whole school ten years ago.

Top homeroom was senior homeroom 404, Mrs. Layton, bringing in $1,411 per capita.

Top salesperson was senior Katherine Blasiney, bringing in a total of $23,977 and earning Principal of the Day. She was followed by senior Morgan Drury, junior Bailey Martin, senior William Cox, and senior Andrew Schultz.

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