Speak Out 10/2/09

Friday, October 2, 2009

Do the research

I would like more answers to the proposed automatic trash pickup. We were told that the containers would be 64 gallons and 96 gallons, but how about the dimensions? What are the height and width of these cans? If they are too large, they might not fit through my 36-inch garage door. This city may wind up with a lot of unsightly trash receptacles in homeowners' yards. City leaders, have you thoroughly researched the negative as well as the positive aspect of this refuse plan?

Public option

I concur that we need a government-run option for health insurance. I work for a hospital and have insurance. I don't have a choice of providers. If a specialist I need is not available locally, I have a huge deductible. I'm not alone. Right now, most of the Medicaid patients and all of the Medicare patients have better coverage than I do. Medicare is public and seems to be working just fine. Give me a public option and the ability to buy a supplement like the Medicare supplement.

Giving credit

AFTER less than a year in office, President Obama seems to have reversed the worst economic recession of over a half-century. If this proves to be true -- and we should know with certainty by early next year -- will his critics acknowledge it?

Putrid yellow

WHEN it comes to intensity of color, it's the brightest of yellow journalism ever printed. The putrid piece published by the Southeast Missourian, written by a Russian professor and positing the break-up of the U.S. in 2010 (in part as a result of civil war) was the most pathetic piece of "journalism" ever to appear in a newspaper since William Randolph Hearst intentionally published untrue stories designed to stir up U.S. public opinion against Spain that sadly culminated in the unnecessary Spanish-American War.

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