Community Q&A 2/28/05

Monday, February 28, 2005

* Name: Brenda Randolph

* Lives in: Cape Girardeau

* Family: Married to Barry Randolph, Wood & Huston Bank president; two sons, Aaron is a student at Southeast Missouri State University, Brian is in the Army, stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska.

* Job: First grade teacher at Clippard Elementary School.

* What do you like most about the area? Clippard School and Hobby Lobby.

* Favorite food: Comfort foods!

* Favorite TV show: HGTV channel

* Best advice: Give me a world problem and I can cure it with either of two things: education and/or birth control.

* People you most admire: Those who are risking their lives for our and others' freedom, and the Iraqis who were brave enough to risk their lives to get out and vote. I've wondered how many Americans would have walked for miles and stood in line for hours to vote.

* What would you do if you won the lottery? Share the wealth with church, family, schools and flat-faced pet animal shelters!

* Pet peeve: Nonvoting Americans.

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