FanSpeak 2/27/05

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Supporting 'The Jungle'

IT SEEMS odd to me that people in the community would be crying over a positive group of well over 100 students who go to both high school and college games to cheer for a beloved team. We have disgruntled parents who write in complaining about Central's "Jungle." Maybe some schools are just jealous that they don't have the type of student body and the leaders to step up and arrange for 100-plus students to show up at a certain time for a game and dress in similar attire. As for saying the cheers were inappropriate, they were cheers that have been used for many years and they are nothing compared to the vulgarity that came out of some other fans' mouths toward our young men and women. I say support this positive group, not belittle them. They are simply having fun and supporting local sports.

A positive note

THIS IS one of the good Speak Out calls you get sometimes. Today, I attended a basketball game at the Show Me Center Rec Center between two teams in the Upward Basketball League. I'm talking about a good game with girls that played hard and good. This is something really good to see with our youth in town. Thank you, Lynwood Baptist, for have the Upward Basketball League.

Some love for spring

NOW THAT fall sports are over and winter sports are almost over, we're turning our attention to spring sports. I would really like to see Cape Public Schools, from the cheerleaders to the administration to the students, start treating the spring sports the same way they do the fall and the winter sports. For example, the cheerleaders decorate the football players' cars and the basketball players' cars. They also have a dance in the fall and in the winter, in which sports and activities elect candidates for king and queen, and they have a dance. There's nothing in the spring. Yes, there's prom, but that has nothing to do with activities and sports for the spring. Those activities and sports are completely ignored. You see "The Jungle" at the basketball games and people love it and they show so much support for the basketball players, and all the kids that go out for the football games. Now it's time to come out and support the baseball and the track teams. Spring sports have been ignored at this school for a long time, and they're very successful, and they need to be supported.

Attendance plea

SOUTHEAST MISSOURI State needs to have more attendance. Why won't people get up and come to the games? It's not like there's a whole lot else to do in this town on a Saturday night or even a Thursday night. Southeast's men's basketball team had won seven straight games; the women had won 10 straight. And still, you look at the attendance and it's very, very low. There's no reason that every one of those seats shouldn't be filled with a person. When you watch a game at Southern Illinois-Carbondale on TV, people are standing up trying to find seats. Why can't Southeast have the same atmosphere?

Mean spirited

SCHOOL SPIRIT is a wonderful thing to have unless it goes to an extreme and singles out individuals, like the incident at the last Cape-Jackson basketball game at Jackson. I believe the schools should monitor what is said at these games. The words that were slung were both hurtful and inconsiderate.

Psychological ploy

BEFORE SOMEONE starts to criticize a cheering section and the school faculty, they need to know the background. "The Jungle" at Central is one of the best cheering sections in all of Southeast Missouri. When they are cheering, they aren't trying to insult the town or the people of the town in anyway. The point is to try to get in the heads of the players on the court, and if they are successful, they have done their job. Take a break and realize it's not aimed at individuals.

Kudos to Delta

GREAT JOB goes out to the Delta Bobcats for the basketball game against Kelly. The junior varsity and varsity played a very good game. Keep up the good work.

Entertainment value

I AM so tired of coach Gary Garner's Southeast Redhawks and all the hype they get. They are an average team in a below-average conference, nothing more. I get so bored with their style of basketball. Control the tempo? It's more like slow the game down and be bored. I would rather watch a team run up and down the floor, use their athleticism and be exciting than watch a half-court, slow-down game. Garner may be a good coach, but I pay for entertainment. I am not getting that.

Piling on

WHAT HAPPENED? I thought the great Gary Garner was back. Guess not, huh? Southeast was lucky to win seven in a row, and their current losing streak proves it. Garner can't coach, and your fan poll that lists him as the one coach in Missouri most people want to see fired. That needs to be paid attention to.

Watch the women

I THINK the community support in Cape Girardeau stinks. The Southeast Missouri State women's basketball team is heading for a record season, no thanks to Cape Girardeau. The crowd they draw is horrible, and yet the men's team get a load of supporters even when they loose. The women's team has not lost a home game in a long time and they cannot get people to watch them play. They are much more exciting then the men's team.

Supporting the coach

I HAVE been a loyal fan of Jackson basketball for many years. It is my personal opinion the new coach will not be fired, as the previous coach was, because it has nothing to do with winning games. I have seen this year's team handle death, controversy and adversity, and they did it with class and maturity. This can only be an example of great leadership. The Jackson boys basketball team is a deserving team with a coach that demonstrates respect of his players. Maybe the writer from last week should look at more than the wins.

Official complaint

I REALIZE people whine and complain about referees all the time. I know that being a referee is a tough job because you aren't going please everyone. But I believe every referee should try their hardest to be impartial. This characteristic was not displayed at the Poplar Bluff-Jackson district championship game.

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