Looking ahead to 2010

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The attention in the political arena is clearly focused on President Obama and his far left-leaning agenda. That focus is understandable given the stakes. No president in history has fewer answers for more questions than the Obama administration.

The Obama team wants us to accept their agenda of change without questioning the specifics. They seek to operate in the dark and leave the American taxpayer to face the consequences.

But maybe our focus is wrong. Maybe instead the American public should begin focusing on the 2010 elections now just over a year away.

The best way to thwart the socialist agenda promoted by the current administration is to work diligently toward electing brave men and women who will resist this slide to financial and social ruin.

Regardless of the party label, the razor-thin margins that the Obama administration currently enjoys must be tilted in the other direction. Without a turn in Congress, Obama and his band of merry men and women will continue to shove their insane agenda down our collective throats.

Missouri will be in the front of this 2010 movement in terms of a critical Senate seat. It's time Missourians focused on that upcoming race instead of whining about the daily leftist movement coming out of Washington, D.C.

Missouri is an interesting state from a political standpoint. You can count on outstate Missouri voting in the conservative direction which more often than not is the Republican Party.

You can count on the urban centers to vote overwhelmingly on the Democratic side of the ballot. I am convinced that nothing can change the dynamics of the urban vote, and Republicans should quit squandering their time and money in trying to swing a handful of votes there. It's wasted effort.

It appears that Congressman Roy Blunt will carry the Republican banner, while Secretary of State Robin Carnahan has smooth sailing on the Democratic side.

To me, at least, this seems like a no-brainer. Blunt has extensive experience and will stand up to the Obama agenda.

Carnahan is running on her name and name alone. As a Carnahan, she will sweep St. Louis and Kansas City. But she'll likely run into a buzz saw in outstate Missouri unless she vocally disagrees with much of what is going on in Washington.

I seriously doubt she'll waver from the Democratic Party line.

Missourians need to focus and focus now on assuring that a conservative voice represents Missouri in the Senate.

As of now, there is but one candidate who can and does make that promise.

If Missourians are complacent and pay little heed to the 2010 elections, we'll dig a hole so deep that future generations will have no chance of achieving the American dream.

And believe me, my American dream is far different from the nightmare that Obama is peddling.

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