Letter to the Editor

We're giving up our freedoms

Friday, September 11, 2009

President Obama's loyalists have raised $250 million and a league of proponents, many paid, to push government-controlled health care on us.

Obama himself instigated and perpetuated the myths and misinformation and has instructed his loyalists to blame the opposition and to see that they aren't permitted to express their views.

He said: "Go to the meetings. Get in their face." And to the opposition: "Sit down and shut up." President of all the people? He's never claimed to be.

The oligarchy in charge has proved beyond doubt that it cannot be trusted to tell the truth nor to be fair. In fact, Speaker Pelosi said, "We won. So we make the rules."

The opposition has four health bills, but Pelosi and Senator Reid won't consider them, saying, "They don't exist."

Why do our leaders ignore democracy and use Marxist and Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" to push their policies on the rest of us?

Obama promised, "We will transform our nation." And Hillary Clinton said, "It's time for a new form of government."

While hard-working taxpayers were busy keeping the wheels of our nation turning, we let officials give so much power to our president that he has only to declare a national emergency to become dictator.

History proves that a failed free society is always followed by tyranny. How many of our freedoms will we give up?

LEE SNIDER, Cape Girardeau