Letter to the Editor

Journet doesn't share our values

To the editor:

It's quite amusing how Alan Journet is throwing the word "values" around in his monthly bashings of our president. I guess he believes Missouri country folks need help in determining what we do indeed value. He implies that we will be forced into private Social Security accounts, when the president has repeatedly said it would be on a volunteer basis. I guess Mr. Journet once again thinks anyone who isn't a professor can't manage their money or lives better than the government. What's wrong with the idea of passing your Social Security account on to your family, versus the current system in which if you die in your first year, the government gets everything that you had been entitled to instead of your own family? Mr. Journet's portrayal of President Bush as wrong on taxes, wrong on terrorism, wrong on everything is, quite frankly, getting old.

Missouri voters, along with the rest of the country, supported President Bush, so it appears Mr. Journet's values are in question. Nobody is forcing him to stay here and suffer or endure these terrible situations as he portrays them monthly. His unappreciativeness of this great giving country and its opportunities is not a value shared by true God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans.

LANCE HAHN, Millersville