Speak Out 9/11/09

Friday, September 11, 2009

More of the same

I just read the president's speech. It was very good. I am sorry that Republicans can't have something that good to say. Maybe if they did, out country wouldn't be in such a bad shape. We need a lot less of Rush Limbaugh and a lot more people like the president.

There it is

AFTER hearing from some well-known sources that President Obama would push some kind of health agenda in his speech to America's schoolchildren, I decided to read the whole transcript. It's true! In it, he clearly states that children should frequently wash their hands. Congratulations to parents who kept their children home from school in order to shield them from such a controversial subject.

Message for students

PARENTS who went to great lengths to keep their children from hearing President Obama's back-to-school motivational speech and the politicians who fed this mind-boggling paranoid frenzy are in for a big surprise. Their actions ensure that these children will go to great lengths to hear the speech, act accordingly, see their grades, school success and self-esteem rise accordingly, become strong Obama supporters, and scratch their heads in wonderment over why their parents would not want them to work hard and stay in school.

Government plan

REP. Jo Ann Emerson says she is against a government-run health care plan, yet she has a government-run plan herself. Why doesn't Emerson give up her government insurance and get a plan from the private sector? What our Republican politicians are telling us is that it is OK for them to have cheap government insurance, but it is not OK for you.

Forced flu shots

I am a health care worker and was informed that I would have to take flu shots or be terminated. The only way out of it is a doctor's excuse or religious reasons, and then you would be forced to wear a mask. Try wearing a mask all day at work. I do not think it is right to force someone to take a flu shot. This is another way our rights are being taken away. Look out, America. We are losing all our freedoms little by little.

Pay it forward

T0 the person who paid my balance at the doctor's office so I could be seen: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't know how I could ever describe how much that meant to me. I have never had anyone do something so kind. I hope one day I can do the same for someone else in need. Thank you so much for your kindness, and God bless you.

More taxes

PRESIDENT Obama says he only wants to tax the rich. When he taxes the middle class and the poor, he doesn't call it a tax. Instead, he is not going to give you your cost-of-living increase for two years on your Social Security. That's billions of dollars, some of it coming from people who have no other income. He isn't through yet. He is proposing an assessment on health insurance companies. Those companies have no other source of income than the premium you and I pay, so this will result in premium increases on your health insurance and Medicare supplements.

Sidewalk project

I cannot believe how long it is taking to finish the Mount Auburn Road sidewalk project. The traffic is so slow. I had hoped the project would include turning lanes, which is what was needed, but it's only for sidewalks that you see no one walking on.

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