Speak Out 9/8/09

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The good life

NO one should need to live on social-assistance programs. But some may find themselves in such a position that requires it. Perhaps it will be you. Will you take the money that feeds and houses you, or send it back? You won't be living in my yard, nor eating my food. Those without pity deserve none themselves. I worked for 30 years and would love to work again, but terminal illness prevents that. Am I ashamed that I require government assistance to survive? No. I'm thankful that not everyone is as hateful as some of the local populace. We take our life together as the good life, and a very good life it is.

Real news

IT'S funny that while the war is still on you hear hours of news about Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy and 15 seconds for the troops. Let's hear about real heroes and their sacrifice. Let them not be forgotten.

Sidewalk priorities

EVERY time I have driven down Mount Auburn Road in the past month the thought enters my head: Where are these sidewalks going, and who will use them? Why is the city spending so much money on sidewalks to nowhere when we have a beautiful new multimillion-dollar library that no one can get to unless they drive? Two blocks separate the senior center and the library, and there is no sidewalk. Why can't we get the trail system expanded and linked to the library allowing children and families to ride their bikes or walk to this beautiful new facility? Where are the city's priorities?

Picking up limbs

WHY do people feel it is the city's responsibility to pick up fallen tree limbs from their property? If the city wants to save money, make people who have trees that fall on private property either haul them away themselves or pay to have them hauled away. It should not be the taxpayers' burden to clean up after every windstorm.

President's talk

AS an educator, I am appalled that parents would contact the school and demand their children not be exposed to President Obama's speech on education. Whether you voted for him or not, he is our president. If you have a child in school, education should be important not only to you as a parent, but it should be emphasized as an importance to your children. That is what the president is hoping to convey. The United States is behind when it comes to the value of education, and our president is trying to change that.

Fits right in

THE wife of the new prime minister-elect of Japan says she has been to Venus and met Tom Cruise in another life. A lot of people are laughing, but I think she would fit right in with the birthers, death panelists, tea-party attendees and a ton of other-planetary persons who populate our nation and our planet.

Public option

I appreciate U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson's receptivity to a sensible health care reform bill. However, if there is no meaningful public option, the reforms will amount to little more than a big victory for the insurance companies in the sense that they will have no meaningful competition to curtail their obscenely high premiums.

Hate crime

AS I watched the news report about the horrific act of seven young black men beating a young white man in Columbia, I waited but never heard it called a hate crime. If this had been a white on black crime, that is exactly how it would have been reported. And what was this called by the individual being interviewed in Columbia? Anti-social behavior.

Yard-sale caution

I almost ran over someone because he walked right out in front of me the highway during the 61 Mile Yard Sale. I hope people have a little more common sense than to walk out on the road without looking.

Postal advice

DEAR disgruntled postal carrier: I apologize for all your inconveniences. If there's anything else I can to make your job easier, please let me know. Now here's what you can do for me. Deliver my mail in a timely manner. Quit losing my mail. Deliver my mail undamaged and unopened. And instead of worrying about holes in my yard, why not use my sidewalks? And take a little pride in your appearance. If at any time you feel you can't carry on, contact me. I know a lot of people who need a job.

Limbs in park

I read the comment about the broken limbs on Margaret Street. There are several broken limbs piled in the city park on Fairview Place. The city has mowed around them several times but has never bothered to send anybody out to pick them up.

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