Speak Out 2/19/05

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Older but stronger

THE OLDER I get, the stronger I get. When I was younger, I couldn't carry $20 of groceries out to my car. Now I can carry $20 of groceries to my car, and I'm 70 years old.

Canadian system

I JUST saw another article that makes me sure we need the Canadian system of health care. In the United States, over 2 million families are driven to bankruptcy each year by medical problems. If we can't do better than that, there's something wrong. These who blather about socialized medicine forget that Canada spends much less than we do and they live longer. There's something wrong if we can't do something to keep people to bankruptcy for health care even when many of them have insurance that chickens out on them.

Talking about eternity

THE CONSTITUTION guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. If workers would like to bring a Bible to work to read it on their breaks or during lunch, they have that right. The workplace is filled with meaningless talk of sports, parties and entertainment. Why is discussion of eternal issues to be discouraged? Legitimate, meaningful, spiritual discussions may take place which do not infringe or impede a worker's performance. I welcome discussions that involve thoughtful conversation regarding eternity. The problem may well be that people do not think enough about it.

Hurting the middle

HOWARD DEAN may be right for a change when he claims President Bush is hurting the middle class. However, he does not go quite far enough: The middle class in America has always been hurt or pretty much ignored by Democrats and Republicans alike. Every now and then, someone thinks about it, realizes it and writes about it -- to no avail.

The lockbox myth

HOW ABOUT if FICA contributions go into a real account, not a mythical Social Security lockbox, tied to your Social Security number and which get invested in U.S. treasury bills? That could be tough on Democrats though, since it would once and for all shatter the myth of the lockbox and also derail their ridiculous "it's all about lining the pockets of Wall Street" argument.

Action speaks loudly

ALL OF you who believe in the private sector taking care of the poor need to show up every week and help with a soup line or with utilities or providing health care for others. Put your money and your time where your mouths are.

Taking care of business

PERHAPS AVERAGE taxpayers can't comprehend President Bush's Social Security reform proposal. But the wealthy and influential can, and that's all that matters.

Accessories to crime

PLANNED PARENTHOOD claims the last two years have been devastating to women who are poor and uninsured. If that is true, maybe those women will wake up and take responsibility for their actions of unwanted pregnancies and not expect taxpayers to subsidize their reckless behavior, which results in the murder of their unborn, innocent babies. This abortion on demand attempts to make the public accessories to their crime of murder of their inconvenient and unwanted offspring. These crimes must be stopped cold. It's gone on much too long in a civilized country and society.

Pay in, pay out

FOR THE people who are complaining about the $90,000 cap on Social Security taxes, many do not realize that those who make over $100,000 a year often have already set up their own version of retirement and will not get back as much out of Social Security as they would actually be paying in if the cap were higher. They don't rely on the Social Security system. It's the ones who make much less who are demanding more, even though they don't pay in anywhere near as much as they will get paid out.

No change needed

THERE'S NO flip-flop. I don't know of any Democrat who said Social Security was a disaster or needed to be overhauled completely. They said adjustments may have to be made, but the system is sound. The Social Security system was founded by a Democrat, and it's the Democrats who have been keeping it up. Every time I get that Social Security check, I say, "God bless Roosevelt and the Democrats." The Republicans are out to destroy it. If you could invest your money, half of those investing wouldn't have anything left. Some things need to be government, and some need to be private enterprise. Social Security needs to be government.

No excuse to kill

IF PEOPLE had more morals in this country, they wouldn't be using finances as an excuse to kill unborn children.

To much production

BACK IN the 1930s, the price of grain and dairy products got so low that the farmers were dumping them. The farmers out in the prairie were burning corn and wheat in stoves because it was cheaper than coal. There are two million farmers, and all of them think that if they produce all they can, they will maximize their profit, which is a phony deal. They don't have any way to control production. When auto companies have too many cars on the lot, they can shut down a factory. History is about to be repeated.

Terrorism and security

I WANT to comment on the continued bashing of our president in Speak Out by those who are against defending against terrorist groups or mad at the president for trying to fix Social Security. Didn't we learn anything from history? We don't want to wait around until the next bomb drops at Pearl Harbor or for another 9-11. As for Social Security, you don't spend $100 without replacing it, plus the cost of running it.

Not time yet

I THINK there's no justification for widening Mount Auburn Road from William Street to Bloomfield Road. There's not enough traffic for that. There might be 10 years from now, but not right now.

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