Speak Out 9/4/09

Friday, September 4, 2009

Equal care

THE comment that said people shouldn't expect to have good health care is incorrect. Tax money is spent everywhere. Prisoners are guaranteed good health care, better than our own citizens. We spend money in foreign countries. Politicians in Washington have the best care. Why not let the average person have good health care too instead of struggling from month to month to pay the insurance premiums?

Head in the sand

MOST people barely pay attention to politics. They work at one or more jobs. They take care of their children the best they can. And most have been worn down by the news and choose to ignore the political intrigue going on in Washington. Your apathy is required for Democrats to advance their agenda. Your future and the future of your children and grandchildren are being stolen while you hide your head in the sand. It does no good for you or your country when you close your eyes and hope everything will turn out OK.

Flat tax

IT'S time for the flat tax. Most people in America don't realize that the wealthiest Americans pay the vast majority of federal taxes, while the lowest 50 percent of earners pay almost nothing. Yet many of the bottom half of earners still demand more and more from "the rich." Under a flat tax, we'd all be paying taxes, and I think it would be a lot less likely that Americans would tolerate a government squandering trillions if they knew they would have to pay off some of that intolerable debt.

Back to work

THANKFULLY, it is becoming less likely each day that socialized medical care will be forced on America. The more America finds out about it, the less we like it. Now maybe our legislators will shrug off the distractions of cap-and-trade and socialized medical care and focus their attention on one major goal: getting America back to work. How? Lower taxes. Get rid of ridiculous environmental lawsuits designed to force businesses to only deal with union labor. Get our politicians to stop attacking businesses and start supporting them. Less taxes and regulations would lead to a revitalized American economy. That's just what the doctor ordered.

A better nation

SEN. Ted Kennedy played a pivotal role in helping pass a big pile of legislation that has done so much to make us a better nation. Two examples will have to suffice. The Americans With Disabilities Act ended countless numbers of unfair discriminatory actions against those who suffer from disabilities. The other is known as Title IX. Had it not been for Title IX, many girls in schools across the country would not have the opportunity to play high school, college and university sports. Much of the thanks for the passage of Title IX goes to Senator Kennedy. Needless to say, our national stature has risen accordingly. The ongoing tributes to him from people across the political spectrum are proof of his legislative acumen.

School dialogue

THANKS to the Southeast Missourian for offering a new online education forum to encourage an open academic dialogue between parents and teachers.

Scriptural advice

WHEN an opinion seeks to use Scripture to prove that health care is a timely moral issue, it would be wise to use it correctly. Whether the Bible says to help the widows and children at a rate of 3,000 to 1, as stated, I did not count, but one thing I do know: Scripture never requests that the government do anything. Scripture speaks of individuals personally helping the poor. I do not consider liberal politicians using other people's money to implement some kind of program as an example of compassion but an example of a government going astray. If you want to help the poor, go ahead. The Lord said you would have them with you always, so you will have plenty of opportunity. As to the fact that if one does not work neither should they eat, that is valid. A person should not get taxpayer money in the form of any welfare program without picking up trash, painting bridges or working in some way for it.

Esquire dreaming

REGARDING the suggestion that Southeast Missouri State University should purchase the old Esquire Theater and turn it into a parking lot: You're half right. The building is an eyesore, but turning it into a parking lot would be almost as worthless as that popcorn machine in the lobby. SEMO should purchase it, clean it up and use it for a new downtown venue for the their performing arts department. In as little as a year, we could have a fantastic new place to watch live music, independent films and plays. The possibilities are endless. But unless someone steps up to the plate, it will continue to be one more building in Cape Girardeau that we all point at and say, "That place used to be really neat."

Patient interference

MY memory is getting a bit faulty, but it seems as though I remember when all of those Republicans who are screaming that no one should come between a patient and his family are the same ones who actively sought and gained GOP congressional support for direct federal government control over decisions made about a woman named Terri Schiavo.

Saving discipline

I agree that nobody should have to live on Social Security. So does the government. Which is why it was designed as supplemental income. If anyone does have to live on Social Security, it is their own fault. They didn't plan well, spent all their money on every whim and never told themselves or their children no. That's not the government's fault, and I am getting tired of hearing how it is. Don't tell me you can't save. People with minimum-wage jobs do it all the time. Read the human-interest stories in newspapers and you'll see stories of janitors, cooks and others saving tons of money that they leave to a worthy cause upon their death. They did it, and so can anyone else disciplined enough to do the same. The key is self-discipline, something a majority of Americans have little knowledge of.

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