61 Mile, Scott City yard sales taking place this weekend

Friday, September 4, 2009
Billie Jo Salzmen pulls out an outfit as Brittany Freapane continues to dig through bins looking for boys' clothes for her baby due in October at a yard sale North of Fruitland on Highway 61 on Saturday, September 1, 2007. (Aaron Eisenhauer)

Today marks the second day of the 61 Mile Yard Sale and, for the first time, Jackson is the a start/stop point.

Similar to the 100-Mile Yard Sale that runs from Jackson to Kennett, Mo., this weekend's sale offers bargain hunters the chance to find collectibles, clothing, toys and much more.

The route is from High Street in Jackson to Bloomsdale, Mo. The sale ends Saturday.

In 2008 more than 300 sales took place along the route, according to 61yardsale.com, and shoppers came from as far as Tennessee, Wisconsin, Alabama, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, Kentucky and Nevada.

Jackson Chamber of Commerce executive director Brian Gerau said he expects hotels to be booked and restaurants busy.

"Like the 100-Mile Yard Sale, this falls on a weekend when a lot of people go out of town," Gerau said. "So it's hard to know how many people will show up.

"But the great thing about this year is that we're at the start of the route and that allows those in our community who live close by to set up for the sale," he said. "So it makes it more of a draw for our town."

Those living 15 miles south of Jackson but not wanting to make the drive can visit the Scott City Yard Sale.

Sponsored by the Scott City Chamber of Commerce and Women's Club, the sixth annual city yard sale runs through Saturday. Sixty-five people have registered to participate in the sale, which will be in yards throughout the city as well as a parking lot on Main Street.

"I'm thinking it will be even better this year," said organizer Chaundra Mason. "My phone has rung off the hook today from people asking about it. Weather permitting, we'll do very well."



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Jackson, MO

Scott City, MO

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