Speak Out 9/1/09

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thanks for help

THANK you to the nice police officer and the wonderful people who helped me pick up my lumber the other day from the streets of Cape Girardeau.

Which is it?

THERE is a vast theoretical distance between fascism (Nazism in Germany) and communism (Marxism). Thus, it is confusing to me when Rush Limbaugh compares President Obama to Adolf Hitler, a fascist, and his brother, David Limbaugh, writes about President Obama being a communist. It's not that the brothers Limbaugh need to agree on which political philosophy they think President Obama adheres to. It's just that the philosophical differences between fascism and communism are so great it leaves one with the impression that the brothers have a tremendous difference of opinion as to whether President Obama is a fascist or a communist. This can be very confusing to those who try to reconcile the beliefs of both brothers and yet are left wondering from one day to the next if President Obama is the reincarnation of Hitler or Hitler's onetime archenemy and communist totalitarian dictator, Josef Stalin. I happen to think President Obama is a believer in and practitioner of representative democracy and is working overtime to save democratic capitalism, as did FDR. However, I fully realize that the influence and opinion of a Speak Out comment pales in comparison to that of the powerful influence on American public opinion held by David and Rush Limbaugh, and it is for that reason that I hope they might get together and offer a consensus opinion as to whether or not our president is a Nazi or a communist, Adolf or Josef.

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