Letter to the Editor

Teach people to help themselves

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I think it's time locals as well as politicians start using some common sense in trying to help people. Most people who need help can look in the mirror and see why. They don't know how to manage. These people can only be helped by teaching them how to manage.

Many people spend money they don't have or can't afford to spend. How many of these people ever had an adequate nest egg? They will say, "I couldn't." The truth for most is, "I wouldn't deny myself my wants, not my needs."

For years we've had a growing number of people who, by family example, decide not to work, living off the taxpayers and having no ambition to be self-supporting.

Until we decide to teach them how to manage their lives and money, we are paying them not to change but to continue as they have in the past.


Cape Girardeau