Out of the past 9/1/09

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

25 years ago: Sept. 1, 1984

Formal graduation ceremonies were recently held for the six-member class from the School of Technology at Saint Francis Medical Center; members of the second graduating class from the school were Carol Almstedt, Lisa Scrivner, Terry Snider, Mitchell Kampert, Jane Hopkins and Jennifer Estes.

Zale's jewelers suspends its operations in West Park Mall; the store is being moved to Village Square Mall in Effingham, Ill.

50 years ago: Sept. 1, 1959

School bells ring for the first time at the new Alma Schrader School in Cape Girardeau's northwest area; around 300 youngsters will study in the nine completed classrooms; the remainder of the sprawling structure will be completed soon.

Traffic may roll again within the next few weeks over Kingsway Drive where, for about a year, it has been blocked by the gap of Walker Creek, left open when a bridge was removed in an effort to stem flooding into the nearby Golladay Addition; a three-box concrete culvert type bridge will span the creek bed.

75 years ago: Sept. 1, 1934

About 3,500 pieces of property in Cape Girardeau County will be sold under provisions of the Jones-Munger delinquent tax law in Missouri, in the event the act isn't made ineffective by a Supreme Court order; the law calls for all real estate delinquent in tax payments in December 1933, or before, to be sold by the county collector on the first Monday in November 1934.

Mrs. W.A. Bohnsack of Cape Girardeau has been selected to have charge of the new Central High School cafeteria; the cafeteria is expected to be self-sustaining.

100 years ago: Sept. 1, 1909

The work of putting down the concrete bed for the street paving is started in the morning; in another day the excavation will be finished on Themis Street east of Main Street, and then only the block of Independence Street will remain to be excavated; as soon as the concrete bed is completed on Themis, work will begin at Broadway and Main where street car tracks are being relaid.

The directors of Roth Tobacco Co., have decided to improve and enlarge their plant by building a three-story addition to the structure.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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