Speak Out 8/30/09

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Living wages

A recent story says people on Social Security don't need a cost-of-living increase because the consumer price index has gone down. People making such decisions should have to live on the money that the people make on Social Security. It's a disgrace that our government can't give us our money but they can take our money and give government employees big raises.

Good service

THERE was no one kinder or sweeter than Ted Kennedy. When my husband and I went to Washington, D.C., our two senators from Missouri breezed by us and casually said hello. Here came this big man down the hallway. It was Ted Kennedy, and he said, "How are you folks, and how are things going? Is there anything I can do for you?" Let me tell you, that was the way that whole family was. I met John Kennedy and Ted's family. No matter what your belief is, they served us well.

More parking

SOUTHEAST Missouri State University should purchase the old Esquire Theater building, which is in a dilapidated condition. Tear it down and make a parking lot out of that too. It sure needs to be cleaned up.

Good connections

REGARDING the five airlines submitting bids for service in Cape Girardeau: Past experience has proved that a code-share agreement with favorable connections in St. Louis seems to work for the majority of passengers.

More for U.S. clunkers

I'M all for Cash for Clunkers, but I think the government should have given $1,500 more for American-made vehicles than foreign vehicles. That's why our economy is as bad a shape as it is. Buy American.

Follow the rules

IF parents run to the school every time a rule is put into place that little Johnny doesn't like, they are only hurting him in the long run. Parents need to grow a backbone and teach their children to follow the rules.

Stop bickering

ALL Americans need to respect the president. We are all in the same boat and need to act like adults. I'll bet our enemies are rejoicing at all the bickering in the United States of America.

Comparing costs

I wish someone would research what Medicare was predicted to cost when it first went into effect and what it costs today. Also, the programs that have been added on to Medicare since it started. This would be something to enlighten people as to what would be the future of a national health care program.

More recess

PRINCIPALS in both Cape Girardeau and Jackson are banning or reducing recesses. Children should have 15 to 20 minutes to re-energize their brain. They're taking away recesses because they want to boost test scores. Studies have shown that students do much better after a break. Parents, we need to band together and demand recess time. I guarantee that will prove MAP scores more than shoving more academics down their throats.

Thanks for phone

THANKS to the lady that found my cell phone Saturday at the tag sale and turned it in. Thanks again.

Looks great

THE substation and new poles at Route K and Highway 25 look fantastic. Great job.

Airline safety

PLEASE carefully research the safety records of the airlines that want to serve Cape Girardeau.

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