Letter to the Editor

Love INC trying to fill a need

Sunday, August 30, 2009

While Love In the Name of Christ greatly appreciates the coverage that has been given our interest in developing a transitional housing campus, there are several items in your recent articles that need clarification.

1. Our proposal is not a "direct city response to the Rev. Larry Rice's proposal." However, Rice's proposal has served to increase awareness for transitional housing needs in our community.

2. This is not a revival of the Magnolia Place project. While that has served as a starting point, the agencies involved have changed and the location has not been determined. The name at this time is simply "Love In the Name of Christ Transitional Housing Campus."

3. Love In the Name of Christ never stated that "no other group was ready" to take on this project. While several agencies expressed interest in taking the lead on the project, they were unable to for one reason or another.

Again, we appreciate the Southeast Missourian's assistance in getting information about this concept before the public. We believe that this will be an important addition to the excellent services already provided in Cape Girardeau County and will fill a need that is currently going unmet. We are grateful for the input provided by those in attendance and plan to hold additional public forums as our plans progress.

EVA HILLIS, Executive Director, Love In the Name of Christ, Cape Girardeau