Speak Out 8/27/09

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Parent greeter

I think the idea of having a parent greeter at school is a wonderful idea. My dad used to say to his father that if he would come to the fields where he was supervising his siblings, his shadow would make a difference. I believe it would help with morale at the school, and it also would help with discipline. Try it.

Follow the rules

I applaud the superintendent of the Cape Girardeau School District on the decision to ban use of cell phones. I want my child to follow the rules. If he gets his cell phone taken away, he will not get another one. Parents need to team up with the schools and teach our children rules are to be followed.

Emergency funds

SCANNING through Speak Out pearls of wisdom, it was a bit disturbing to see yet another American who believes it is his right to have free health coverage. The comment mentioned that a person should not have to make a choice between eating or medical care. That is a sad choice but is not usually the case. Usually the choice has been made much earlier. They chose 100-plus channels of cable TV, Internet service, cell phones, flat-screen TVs, new vehicles and a camper or boat, but when tough times hit they can't afford anything because they've already got themselves maxed out. Funny how we find the money for the things we want, but when it comes to our needs we look to Uncle Sam. We no longer save up for emergencies. I don't know where this mentality came from, but it's getting worse. Unless we start right now in our own homes to watch our spending and demand that our elected officials remember that it's our money they're spending, we will surely witness the demise of our great country as we beg the Chinese to lend us just a little bit more for our newest emergency.

College prep

IF college students can't set an alarm clock or put clothes in a washer or dryer, they're in bad shape, and the parents are to blame.

School manners

YOU can send your children to school every day of the week, but if you don't teach them how to say thank you and be polite, you're losing the battle. I am appalled at the attitude of this young generation, which doesn't say thank you.

Going broke

MEDICARE is going broke. Medicaid is going broke. Social Security is going broke because Congress has spent the trust funds for other purposes. If you really think we can start a massive new government health care program without it going broke too, then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I would like to sell you.

Late-night work

I'M unhappy. At 2 o'clock this morning, a Sunday morning, the Missouri Department of Transportation is using heavy equipment, working through the night and keeping everybody awake. If you're like me, call MoDOT and voice your concerns so it won't happen again.

Enforce the laws

WHAT makes Cape Girardeau a "livable city" is the fact that we have laws and, when they are broken, they are enforced by the police and the court system. What a ludicrous idea that in order to enjoy freedom and leisure one should be exempt from these laws. If Cape Girardeau needs anything, it is more enforcement of these laws, not less.

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