Harmless Fun mixes things up on first CD

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dan Wiethop, Don Greenwood and Chris Moore came together for their first album titled, "Have a Little 'Harmless Fun,'" released Friday.

Wiethop blends his own form of folk and fun from a number of musical genres -- Americana, bluegrass, country, classical, blues, jazz and swing. While he plays everything from guitar to harmonica to banjo to autoharp, Moore's bass guitar gives the songs low end and Greenwood's congas add some spicy drums to the mix.

Wiethop said he recently started playing a Q-chord, an instrument he described as similar to an electric autoharp, and incorporated it into the album. His autoharp expertise is showcased in "Over the Rainbow" and "William Tell Overture."

The album also features silly, fun songs like "Fishin' For Chickens" and a ditty from local musician Doug Rees, "Charlie the Smoking Chimpanzee."

"Come one, come all, it's a sight to see/A monkey addicted to nicotine/He don't do tricks, he can't climb trees/Hell, he coughs nonstop, he can barely breathe," is some of the song's lyrics.

"Trapped In Trees," which Wiethop said was one of his favorites, was written by Illinois performer RogNboB. The song tells the story of an old Chrysler that became engulfed in trees in the Illinois countryside. The album also features the classic blues tune "Hoochie Coochie Man."

"Have a Little 'Harmless Fun'" will be available for purchase at Sunday's show at Port Cape or through mail order by e-mail at dwiethop@yahoo.com.

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