Letter to the Editor

Sikeston dog plan raises concern

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In response to the story "Sikeston seeks public input on new railroad, pet regulations": If this proposition to spay and neuter all dogs were to spread to the rest of the country, there would be no more service dogs, no more search and rescue dogs, no more dogs to help with cattle and other livestock.

What are you thinking? Have you thought of the consequences? Have you been taken in by the animal rights movement of the Humane Society of the U.S. and PETA?

By the way, if no one is breeding any more puppies, how are veterinarians going to survive?

If this idea takes hold, the entire economy of the U.S. will be affected: dog food companies, veterinarians, pet supply stores -- any industry associated with pets. You know as quickly as the animal-rights people finish with the dogs, they will go after the cats, birds, horses -- perhaps cows. No more leather. No more hamburger or steak. There go the restaurants. Grocery stores will be affected.

Think about the consequences if every town in the country does what Sikeston is proposing.

JUDY HILL, Shawnee, Kan.