Cape Girardeau area properties with unpaid taxes hit the auction block

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Several properties owned by those not paying real estate taxes were auctioned off Monday morning during a tax sale at the Cape Girardeau County administrative building.

Each year the Cape Girardeau County collector's office auctions off property belonging to people who are at least two years delinquent in paying their real estate taxes. While 500 owners owed more than $330,000 in back taxes in April, that number had dwindled from 110 Friday morning to 36 by the start of the business day Monday.

Two property owners even paid their taxes only seconds before their land was scheduled to go up for auction.

County Collector Diane Diebold said the main reason for the last-minute payments is procrastination.

Even though the parcels were sold during the auction, the owner has up to one year to pay and retain the property. If the owner redeems the land he or she must pay the property's sale price plus interest to the person who purchased the property at the auction. The interest is 10 percent the first year and 8 percent each year after.

Twelve properties, mostly those on which the property owners have liens with the City of Cape Girardeau, were not bid on. Many of those parcels had dilapidated buildings and weed-choked yards.

Diebold said 20 of 50 available properties were bid on last year, about average for the annual auction. Sixteen of those land owners paid their taxes within the one-year deadline, allowing them to redeem their property.

"We're hopeful for some of those same results in any other of the auctions," Diebold said. "It's just the matter of the right person with potential buying it."

For Krisinda Cook of Cape Girardeau, the auction allows her to purchase investment properties. Cook was the winning bidder on three parcels Monday.

While she said most of properties she has bid on ended up being bought back by the owner, those that aren't make it worth it. Her best deal was three years ago, when a property she bid on for $3,000 ended up selling for $30,000.

"It's like the lotto," Cook said. "If you don't play you won't win."


List of homes auctioned for unpaid real estate taxes

Ownerparcel*starting bidending bidbidder
Martin Wynkoop374 Route HH, Cape Girardeau County$596.69$569.69Tyler Bruce, Cape Girardeau
Tanya Hall510 Lake Sweet Gum Road, Burfordville, Mo.$554.89$2,000Wayne Wiedefeld, Whitewater
Kevin Sawyer117 E. Main St., Jackson$2,221.44$2,221.44Scott Blank, Cape Girardeau
Joseph WilliamsSaddlebrook Ridge subdivision parcel, Jackson$480.87$6,300Stone Cottage Properties, Jackson
Randol Farms Development Inc.Palomino Drive parcel$50.82$200David Bruce, Cape Girardeau
Ruth Goff and Jean Hampton2618 Leroy Drive$1,876.53$1,876.53Scott Blank, Cape Girardeau
Cecil OdomDumais Street parcel, Cape Girardeau County$27.73$27.73Tim Gould, Cape Girardeau
Marshall Probst1430 N. Spanish St.$776.12no bid
Evangeline Mehner724 N. Middle St.$1,306.59$1,306.59Herman Bodenstein, Cape Girardeau
Shannon and Carla Mungle721 N. Spanish St.$431.68$431.68Shawn and Juanita Swift, Jackson
Shannon and Norma Mungle701 N. Spanish St.$446.66$446.66Shawn and Juanita Swift, Jackson
Charles and Marie Clemons402 North St.$760.21no bid
Mortgage Corp.806 N. Spanish St.$45.40no bid
Thomas, Robert, Stephen EvansWhitewater and Emmons streets intersection$85.81$250Eric Alex Foster, Chaffee, Mo.
William and Lorraine Archer219 Hillvale Drive$1,719.64$1,719.64Scott Blank, Cape Girardeau
William and Theresa CritesSouth Pind Wood Lane, Cape Girardeau County$375.84$375.94Herman Bodenstein
Scott McClanahan1109 Merriwether St., rear$298.80no bid
River City Health Clinic Inc.224 N. Frederick St.$16,171.23no bid
Shannon Mungle214 S. Ellis St$2859.36no bid
Patrick Johnson517 S. Benton St.$801.98$1,500Krisinda Cook, Cape Girardeau
John and Glenna Knoblauch 530 S. Hanover St.,$2,291.51no bid
Donald and Teri Bradley807 Maple St., $868.62no bid
Betty Avant631, 633 635 Good Hope St.$2,441.49$,2441.49Dave Hutson, Cape Girardeau
Wilson and Norma Mungle838 S. Ellis St. $884.97$884.97Shawn and Juanita Swift, Jackson
Nancy Farmer1036 S. Pacific St. $1,332.74no bid
Lorene Jefferson1016 S. Benton St.$607.11$1,000Krisinda Cook, Cape Girardeau
Helen Edwards1004 Hickory St. $891.97no bid
Archie and Loyce Maglone1223 S. Pacific St.$311.51no bid
Cynthia Higgins418 Elm St.$113.35no bid
Clyde and Marilyn Anglin796 County Road 256, Cape Girardeau County$264.86$2,700Krisinda Cook, Cape Girardeau
Alvie and Dee DeanHenderson Street parcel$209.77$209.77Marlin and Thomas Moore Sr., Chaffee, Mo.

*In Cape Girardeau unless otherwise noted

Pertinent address:

1 Barton Square, Jackson, MO

Map of pertinent addresses

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