Speak Out 2/14/05

Monday, February 14, 2005

Send them to the military

SOME CONSIDERATION should be given to the notion that drug offenders could pay their dues to society by performing military service.

Social Security idea

THE SOCIAL Security anomaly, whether actual or not, would be resolved by entrusting the Social Security Administration to channel withholdings into a portfolio selection of stocks with low-risk expectations. Some dividends of payment could be allotted to the existing structure to provide for current recipients, and the vision of a transition from one system to the other could be implemented. Benefits of this proposal include in-creased capital, prospering growth of the private sector and a buffer against unemployment. Perhaps a small deduction of the annual return could be retained to provide a safety net for those with irregularities of eligibility.

It's just an option

ABOUT PRESIDENT Bush's idea for Social Security: This is an option. This is not mandatory. Back off just a little bit and enjoy life.

Another flip-flop

WHEN SOCIAL Security was first enacted, the cost of one retiree's benefits was shared with 16 workers. Today, only three workers share this cost. This fact alone is undeniable evidence that the program is heading for trouble. Democrats in Washington, most of whom are on record stating that Social Security needs to be overhauled, have completely flip-flopped and now say the system is sound. It doesn't take an Einstein to realize that in Democrats' minds this has nothing to do with Social Security and everything to do with not letting the president get credit for fixing a broken system.

Tea at the church

I WOULD like to thank one of the local churches for a wonderful time it showed the community at what was called a Ladies Tea. There 1,078 ladies present, and the decorated tables were absolutely beautiful. There was a great devotional, guest singers from another local church and a great comedy act. I would encourage any of the ladies who ever see this advertised to take part in it.

Abusing Medicaid

GOV. MATT Blunt has not proposed a Medicaid cut for children. He has proposed a cut to the thousands of adults are using Medicaid and abusing it. There are some adults who run up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills each year by going to the doctor unnecessarily because they do not have to pay a dime. Medicaid foots the whole bill. But those of us with private insurance have to pay, so we don't go to the doctor every time we have a cold. That is what is wrong with the current Medicaid system. Adults abuse the system and aren't held accountable, Instead, Missouri's taxpayers pay for these unnecessary visits. There are adults who need Medicaid and don't abuse it. However, the adults who are abusing it are costing Missouri taxpayers millions of dollars.

Good for Missouri

THE QUESTION is: What is good for the University or Missouri or what is beneficial for the state? Is the University of Missouri a sacred cow? If a name change for Southwest Missouri State University would help create business, advance educational opportunities and draw in new grants, why not change the name? Indiana State and Illinois State are not land-grant institutions. MU seems to be afraid of any competition. Competition breeds excellence all around. I'm tired of hearing MU people whining all the time.

Sick? Stay home

AFTER READING the story about the flu getting off to a late start, it would be nice of all the people who are sick stayed home until they get over their illness. I had to go into a store, and there were people hacking and sneezing all over the place. We don't want to become sick with whatever you have.

Help students succeed

MY HIGH school daughter's teachers require her homework be done on a computer. She has no access to a computer at home. When she told her teachers about this, she was told to find one. She was told she could go to the community center, but it is a long walk for a girl after dark. The school should give students time during school hours to the students who have no computer at home.

Future millionaires

IT'S SO unfortunate that average taxpayers cannot comprehend how much more our retirement benefits would be if our government were out of the retirement business or handled it more like a private venture. We should not be allowed to invest any portion of our Social Security funds in anything except savings or certificates of deposit. The compounded interest could make you a millionaire in 40 years.

Missed opportunity

HAS THE earned-income tax credit, aimed at lifting working families out of poverty, really helped anyone you know improve their future? Did they pay tuition for classes to improve skills for better job, or did they buy stereos, jewelry, go to casinos and eat out? Not a single family in my acquaintance has used that refund-plus to take a step up from poverty.

Fraternity neighbors

THOSE COLLEGE kids are running this city. The only peace my wife of 50 years and I get is when the students go back home. I know education is good, but I live next door to a fraternity house where members throw their pizza boxes in my backyard. I have called the police many times.

Vets fall through cracks

A RECENT article said there is a crisis with the homeless rate for our men and women returning from active military duty. Approximately 500,000 are living on the streets, in cars or with friends, The Department of Veterans Affairs and other organizations are only able to handle maybe 100,000 of these. They come home to no jobs and no homes. Many don't have the ability to maintain jobs due to the mental trauma. These brave men and women are there when our country need them. Where is our country now that these homeless veterans need help? Our own veterans are being left to fall through the cracks.

Unwanted children

I'D LIKE to see all of the people who are against abortion adopt, support and give a loving home to all of the unwanted children in our country.

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