Letter to the Editor

Liberals claim to care for families

Sunday, February 13, 2005

To the editor:

I am writing this letter as a warning to everyone. Be careful, because there are tons of liberals who claim to care for you and America's families. Let me tell you, in case you didn't know: They don't care for you.

They openly support abortion. How is this caring for America's families? This is morally and biblically wrong. It is also murder.

Regarding the war on terror, President Bush and his administration eliminated two threats to national security. Both of them were tied to the 9-11 attacks. The liberals opposed both wars. Does this mean they care for America's families? It sounds like they want to keep these terrorists out there and let them attack us again. This is insane.

So be careful, because there are plenty of liberals who claim to care for America and its families.

MATT HAYES, Scott City